Beading / Jewelry

Stamped Style Stone Earrings

By  Deborah Anderson 

size: 2" long

  • Stamped Style Stone Earrings


  • Style Stones round tiles (Clearsnap), 3/4”, two
  • Beads of choice
  • ColourCraft silver wire (Beadalon), 20-gauge
  • Ear wires (Beadalon), two
  • Head pins (Beadalon), 1-1/2”, two


  • Copper Metallic Brush Marker (Pentel of America)
  • ColorBox Queues ink pad (Clearsnap): Cat’s Eye
  • Ancient Page coal black ink pad (Clearsnap)
  • Jumbo Rollagraph patterns (Clearsnap): Open Leaves; Say What?
  • Tools (Beadalon): flush cutters; pliers: chain-nose, round-nose
  • 1. Use Queues ink pads to tap ink onto both sides of style stones as desired. Let dry.
  • 2. Use coal black ink to stamp Say What? on one side of each style stone. Let dry. Use same ink to stamp Open Leave on opposite sides.
  • 3. Use brush marker to paint style stone sides. Let dry.
  • 4. Cut two 4" wire lengths. Thread lengths through each style stone hole. Thread flat bead and seed bead on top of tile, then use round-nose pliers to make loop over beads. Wrap wire around loop two or three times, then trim excess wire. For bottoms, thread seed bead, form loop and trim excess wire.
  • 5. Use chain-nose pliers to open loops on ear wires. Insert loop into top style stone loop, then close loop.
  • 6. For beaded dangle, thread small seed bead, large bead, then seed bead onto head pin. Make loop at top and trim excess wire. Open loop, attach to earring loop, then close loop. Repeat for other earring.