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Pearl Chain and Earrings

By  Katie Hacker  for  Beadalon

size: necklace, 45" long

  • Pearl Chain and Earrings
  • Closeup of Earrings


  • Silver Elongated Cable Chain*, 3.56 (.140”), 1 yd.
  • Beads: white round glass pearl, 10mm, seven (A); rose bicone crystal (Swarovski), 8mm, 14 (B); silver rondelle spacer, 6mm, 14 (C)
  • White-Plated Eye Pins*, 1-1/2”, seven
  • Beads, two each: white round glass pearl, 10mm; rose bicone crystal (Swarovski), 8mm; silver rondelle spacer, 6mm
  • Silver findings*, two each: Ball/Star Head Pins; Leverback Ear Wires


  • Pliers*: Round-Nose; Chain-Nose
  • Wire Cutters*
  • *Products by Beadalon
  • Necklace
  • 1. String beads onto each eye pin in BCACB order. Use round-nose pliers to make loop in each eye pin after last bead; cut excess wire.
  • 2. Cut chain into seven equal lengths, each about 7-1/8" long. Using chain-nose pliers to open and close eye pin loops, connect beaded pins and chain pieces together to form one long necklace. Place a beaded pin between each chain section, turning arm of eye pin loop laterally instead of directly away from wire stem.
  • Earrings
  • 1. For each earring, string beads onto head pin as follows: pearl; spacer; crystal. Use round-nose pliers to make loop in head pin after last bead; wrap excess wire around base of loop. Use chain-nose pliers to open lower loop on ear wire; attach beaded head pin.