Beading / Jewelry

New Mom Jewelry

for  Prima Bead

size: varies

  • New Mom Jewelry


  • Cousin Plated Silver Elegance: Circle Drop Charm; Ball Chain Necklace; Jump Rings, 4mm, 6mm; Heart-Shaped Headpins; Headpins; Filigree Heart Beads; Bracelet Chain; Carved Round Beads, 4mm; Flower Toggle; Wheel Spacers
  • Cousin Crystazzi Bicones: Tanzanite, 4mm; Lilac, 6mm
  • Cousin Jewelry Basics: Alphabet Charm, Mom Charms
  • Cousin Trinkettes Baby Charms


  • Pliers: needle-nose, round-nose
  • Wire cutters

Basic Supplies

  • ruler
  • Necklace
  • 1. Attach round alphabet charm to inside loop of circle connector using 4mm jump ring.
  • 2. Thread heart-shaped headpin with Lilac bicone and wheel spacer. Form wrapped loop.
  • 3. Gather top loop of circle charm and bicone drop together; attach to ball chain necklace.
  • Bracelet
  • 1. Remove lobster claw clasp from bracelet chain.
  • 2. Attach flower toggle end to one end of chain using 4mm jump ring. Measure bracelet for correct length; trim chain links from other end of bracelet. Use 4mm jump ring to attach bar toggle end to trimmed end of chain.
  • 3. Make eight 4mm Tanzanite bead drops and eight 6mm Lilac bead drops using headpins and pliers. Trim looped ends if needed.
  • 4. Make following wrapped-loop drops: two 4mm Tanzanite drops, two filigree heart/4mm Tanzanite bicone drops, four 6mm Lilac/carved bead on heart-shaped headpin drops.
  • 5. Use 4mm jump rings to attach wrapped-loop drops and charms along bracelet chain.
  • 6. Open and close loops of regular drops; attach between charms and wrapped-loop drops along bracelet chain.