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Fiesta Necklaces and Earrings

By  Katie Hacker  for  Beadalon

size: pendant, 1-1/2" long

  • Fiesta Necklaces and Earrings
  • Closeup of Earrings
  • Closeup of Necklaces


  • Faux Suede Lace*, assorted color pack, 15” length
  • ColourCraft Silver Wire*, 22-gauge, 10” length
  • Beads, assorted colors: domed rectangle, 21mmx15mm; round glass*, 6mm, three
  • Silver findings*: C-Crimp Suede Cord Ends, two; Diamond Duet Clasp; White-Plated Head Pins, 1”, three; jump rings, 4mm, two
  • Round glass beads*, 6mm, two each of five assorted colors
  • Silver findings*: Silver Paisley Ear Wires, two; White-Plated Head Pins, 1”, 10


  • Pliers*: Round-Nose; Chain-Nose
  • Wire Cutters*
  • *Products by Beadalon
  • Necklace
  • 1. Use chain-nose pliers to bend wire length at a 90° angle about 1" from one end; use round-nose pliers to form bent wire end into a loop.
  • 2. String rectangle bead onto wire. Use round-nose pliers to make second loop below bead; wrap wire several times around base of loop. Spiral wrap excess wire around bead; wrap free end tightly around base of top loop.
  • 3. String one glass bead onto each head pin; make loop at top of each bead. Attach beaded pins to bottom loop of larger bead to finish pendant.
  • 4. String pendant onto center of suede lace. Use chain-nose pliers to squeeze top loop slightly to secure it on lace. Attach crimp ends to cord ends. Use jump rings to attach clasp halves to necklace ends.
  • Earrings
  • 1. For each earring, string five beads of different colors onto five head pins. Use round-nose pliers to make a loop at top of each bead; cut excess wire. Attach beaded pins to loops at bottom of ear wire.