Beading / Jewelry

Trillium Traces Wire Jewelry

By  Kristal Wick  for

approx. sizes: bracelet, 9-1/2"; earrings, 2"


  • Swarovski Xilion Light Colorado Topaz Chaton*, 4mm
  • Autumn Designer Wire Blend*, 20-gauge, one tube
  • TierraCast Black Niobium Earwire with Antique Copper Bead*, two
  • Crystal Clay Black Epoxy Clay*


  • Wubbers Pliers*: Medium Bail-Making, Large Triangle Mandrel
  • Jewelry pliers*: round-nose, chain-nose
  • Crystal Ninja Crystal Katana Rhinestone-Crystal Pick Up Tool*
  • Wire cutters*
  • *Products available from
  • Bracelet
  • 1. Make round loop on end of wire using small cylinder of bail-making pliers. Remove wire from pliers. Place loop in center of triangle pliers; squeeze closed. Wrap wire around small triangle with fingers and back through jaws of pliers. Squeeze to set bends. Remove from pliers.
  • 2. With formed wire away from jaws, grab wire that crosses in front of loop with triangle pliers, securing wire only. Make second triangular loop by wrapping wire around pliers as in Step 1. Remove wire from triangle pliers.
  • 3. Grab wire of second triangle directly across from first loop using bail-making pliers. Wrap wire end around small cylinder as in Step 1, forming complete loop. Trim wire end. Pinching each triangle between thumb and index finger, flatten each section firmly with fingers and then using triangle pliers.
  • 4. Repeat Steps 1-3 with different-colored wires to create three large and three small double-triangle links.
  • 5. To create clasp hook, make small loop in wire with chain-nose pliers. Grasp wire just past loop using bail-making pliers. Wrap end around large cylinder with fingers; remove from pliers. Place loops on triangle pliers surface with half of large loop extending toward you. Wrap wire around small triangle away from you with fingers and back through jaws of pliers as before. With loops toward you, grasp straight wire with bail-making pliers, with large cylinder facing up. Wrap wire end around small cylinder to create full circle. Trim off excess.
  • 6. Grasping first clasp loop with fingers, bend looped end upward to become perpendicular to triangle side.
  • 7. Create jump rings by wrapping wire around small cylinder of bail-making pliers. (Note: Use trimmed wire ends to create coordinating jump rings.) Slide coil off pliers and cut down center of each coil.
  • 8. Mix small batch of epoxy clay following manufacturer's instructions. Press tiny ball of clay into center of each loop.
  • 9. Pick up each gem using tool; position gem into clay and press in place until clay completely covers back of gem. Let fully cure following manufacturer's instructions.
  • 10. Attach bracelet links and clasp together with two different-colored jump rings as shown. Add several jump rings to open end of bracelet.
  • Earrings
  • 1. Repeat Steps 1-3 to make two same-color double-triangle links.
  • 2. Embellish links with gems as in Steps 8 and 9.
  • 3. Attach links to ear wires.
  • Tip
  • 1. To watch a video tuturial of this project, click here.