Beading / Jewelry

Lavender Loveliness Necklace

By  Sara Ellis  for  Beadalon

size: 14" length with 2" focal


  • Round flat ring pendant with graduated sides, 50mm
  • Lavender glass pearls, 4mm, 130
  • Seed beads: round crystal AB, 8/0; metallic violet color-lined square, 3.5-3.7mm
  • Amethyst Poly Nylon Bead Cord* #6
  • Silver Findings*: Jump Rings, 4mm, two, 6mm, two, 2mm; Wire Guardians, four; EZ-Lobster Clasp Medium; Head Pins, .7mm
  • Silver Elongated Stamp Chain*, 5mm
  • Artistic Silver-Plated Wire*, 24-gauge


  • Knotter Tool* or Knot-A-Bead Tabletop Knotter*
  • Designer Sparkle Jewelry Pliers*: Chain-Nose, Round-Nose
  • Designer Curved Squeeze Scissors*
  • Designer Flush Cutter*
  • Jewelry Adhesives*: Bead Stringing Glue, BeadFix Gel
  • *Products available from Beadalon

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler
  • 1. Hook end of 12" length of wire to inner edge of pendant with end laying on back side of pendant. See Photo 1. Adjust wire placement slightly off-center at pendant bottom. Gently squeeze bend to secure wire to pendant using chain-nose pliers.

    Photo 1
  • 2. Wrap wire around outer edge of pendant. Add four seed beads of choice in any combination to wire on front of pendant while wrapping. See Photo 2. Continue wrapping and adding beads until there are eight rows of beads. Center bead rows at bottom of pendant. See Photo 3.

    Photo 2

    Photo 3
  • 3. Trim wire end, leaving approximately same amount of wire at end as in initial "hook." Pinch wire closed at back of pendant using chain-nose pliers.
  • 4. Apply small amount of gel to wire end, adhering end to pendant. Before adhesive dries, lay end of bead cord in gel against wire end to adhere cord to pendant. See Photo 4. Let dry completely.

    Photo 4
  • 5. Tightly wrap bead cord around pendant. See Photo 5. Continue wrapping, covering open side of pendant with cord, and ending at opposite end of beaded section. Trim excess cord, leaving short tail same length as wire end. Apply gel to cord and wire ends as in Step 4. See Photo 6 and Photo 7.

    Photo 5

    Photo 6

    Photo 7
  • 6. Add 6mm jump ring to top of pendant using chain-nose pliers. Set pendant aside.
  • 7. Double-knot beading cord end, leaving 3-4" tail. Thread three 4mm pearls and wire guardian on cord; slide to end. (Note: Pearls should not rest against knot.) See Photo 8. Thread working end of cord back through last pearl added, pulling pearl up against wire guardian. See Photo 9. Tie overhand knot with working thread and tail, pulling knot tight against pearl. See Photo 10. With working end of cord, thread back through second pearl added, pulling pearl up against knot. Tie overhand knot with working thread and tail, pulling knot tight against second pearl. See Photo 11. Thread working end of cord back through remaining pearl, pulling pearl tight against previous knot. Separate cords at bottom pearl. Apply tiny amount of stringing glue between cords and into pearl bead opening. See Photo 12. Wipe away any adhesive on pearl; let dry.

    Photo 8

    Photo 9

    Photo 10

    Photo 11

    Photo 12
  • 8. Trim tail as close to pearl as possible using scissors, being careful not to cut working cord. See Photo 13.

    Photo 13
  • 9. Using Knotter Tool or Knot-A-Bead, continue to hand-knot 59 pearls onto cord.
  • 10. Thread three additional 4mm pearls and wire guardian on cord. Slide pearls against last knot on cord, leaving enough room to hand knot two knots between pearls. Pull wire guardian up against last pearl and thread, working cord back through last pearl. Tie overhand knot between last and center pearls. Thread working cord back through center pearl; tie overhand knot between center and first pearl. Add drop of beading glue to knot; let dry. Thread working cord through first pearl. (Note: It will exit pearl next to previously-made knot. ) Pull knotted strand and working cord apart; apply beading glue as in Step 7. Let dry. Trim tail as in Step 8.
  • 11. Repeat Steps 7-10 to make additional knotted strand of sixty-five 4mm pearls.
  • 12. Cut section of chain same length as pearl strands using flush cutter.
  • 13. Attach open end of lobster clasp to 2mm jump ring using chain-nose pliers. Open 4mm jump ring and attach to 2mm jump ring, leaving ring open.
  • 14. Add one end of each pearl strand and chain to open jump ring; close with chain-nose pliers. See Photo 14.

    Photo 14
  • 15. Twist pearl and chain strands together. Lay strands flat and position one over other in loose, braid fashion. Attach open end of all three strands to one 4mm jump ring. Attach one 6mm jump ring to 4mm jump ring using chain-nose pliers. Set aside.
  • 16. Thread square seed bead onto headpin. See Photo 15. Holding headpin vertically with bead against head, bend straight end of pin into 90° angle as close to bead as possible using chain-nose pliers. Cut pin with flush cutters, leaving 1/4" on end. Grasp end of pin; create loop by rolling back toward bead using round-nose pliers. See Photo 16. Repeat to create 30-35 seed bead charms.

    Photo 15

    Photo 16
  • 17. Open bead charm loops using round-nose pliers; attach randomly to exposed chain links.
  • 18. Open jump ring at top of pendant using chain-nose pliers; attach pendant to center of necklace, catching both strands of pearls and chain within jump ring. (Note: This will hold pendant in place and keep twists in strands.) Close jump ring.