Beading / Jewelry

Green Lagoon Beaded Necklace

for  Swarovski Elements

size: 41" length


  • Swarovski Elements Crystal Iridescent Green Beads: 6mm round, 50; 8mm round, 24; 8mm rondelle, 24; 8mm mini rhombus, 24; 5mm pearls, 36; 8mm pearls, 20; 6mm baroque pearls, 24; 8mm baroque pearls, 16; 10mm coin pearls, 22; 14mm coin pearls, eight
  • Swarovski Elements Crystal Iridescent Green 2x Bicone Bead, 4mm, 80
  • TierraCast findings: Radiant Rings, 1-1/4”, four; Hammertone Rings, 1”, two; Gold Jump Rings, 8mm, 12; Crimp Beads, 2x2mm, four; Crimp Bead Covers, 3mm, four
  • Jewelry wire: Beadalon Stringing Wire, 108” length; Artistic Wire, 20-gauge, 6” length


  • Pliers: flat-nose, round-nose, crimping
  • Wire cutters

Basic Supplies

  • ruler, cellophane tape
  • 1. Cut six 18" lengths of stringing wire. Cut four 1-1/2" lengths of 20-gauge wire. Set aside.
  • 2. Make simple loop in 20-gauge wire length using pliers. Slide on one 14mm coin pearl; loop to close. Repeat three times; set aside.
  • 3. Attach two 8mm jump rings to one 1" ring. Attach one pearl component from Step 2 to one jump ring.
  • 4. Attach two 8mm jump rings to one 1-1/4" ring. Attach pearl component from Step 3 to 1-1/4" ring. Repeat two times. Attach last pearl component from Step 2 to third 1-1/4" ring. Complete by attaching opposite side to last 1" ring. Set aside.
  • 5. Slide three lengths of stringing wire through crimp bead and 14mm coin pearl. Crimp wires to open jump ring at end of large ring section; cover with crimp cover.
  • 6. Spread wires out. Working one strand at a time, randomly string on following items for 14" total length: 6mm and 8mm rounds, 8mm rondelle, 8mm rhombus, 4mm bicone, 5mm and 8mm pearls, 6mm and 8mm baroque pearls, 10mm coin pearls. Tape each end when complete to hold beads.
  • 7. Braid strands completed in Step 6. Slide all three strand wires through 14mm coin pearl; crimp bead. Crimp to one jump ring; cover with crimp cover.
  • 8. Repeat Steps 5-7 for other side of necklace.
  • 9. Connect braided strands to last remaining 1-1/4" ring with jump rings.