Beading / Jewelry

Elegant Chain Maille Bracelet

By  Linda Valentino 

Explore the world of chain maille! This fun technique will soon become an obsession as you easily create stunning jewelry simply by interlocking jump rings.


  • Pearl beads: mauve, 8mm, two; white, 6mm, two
  • Crystal beads: satin ovals, 9x6mm, two; pink bicones, 6mm, two
  • Pewter daisy spacers, 6mm, two
  • Silver findings: toggle clasp with attached heart charm; headpins, 2”, eight
  • Jewelry wire, 20-gauge: pink, silver


  • Artistic Wire Coiling Gizmo Deluxe Winder
  • Jewelry pliers: round-nose, flat-nose, chain-nose
  • Wire cutters
  • Beading awl

Basic Supplies

  • ruler
  • Size
  • 1. Bracelet is 7-1/4".
  • Chain Maille Bracelet
  • 1. Set up winder using second-largest crank rod. Coil pink wire around rod. Remove coil and cut one link at a time to make at least 84 jump rings. Repeat with silver wire, cutting at least 91 jump rings. Open all rings.
  • 2. Attach one silver jump ring to bar end of toggle clasp. Attach two silver jump rings to first ring and close. Attach two pink jump rings to silver rings and close. Attach two silver jump rings to pink rings and close.
  • 3. Hold chain vertically with toggle end hanging down. Spread top two silver rings apart with awl point, letting them drop down to either side of pink rings. Spread pink rings apart, sliding awl into inside edges of two silver rings that just dropped to either side. Holding pink rings firmly with thumb and forefinger, remove awl and attach pink rings to silver rings that were on awl. Attach two additional silver jump rings to pink rings.
  • 4. Repeat drop-down of silver rings as in Step 3. Use pattern two pink, two silver, drop-down.
  • 5. Continue pattern to attach 84 pink and 84 silver rings. End with two pink rings.
  • 6. Attach single silver jump ring to final two pink rings. Add loop end of toggle clasp.
  • 7. Insert headpin into mauve pearl; create loop in end with round-nose pliers. Hold loop with chain-nose pliers and wrap wire several times below loop; cut off excess. Repeat for remaining mauve pearl and all crystal beads. Using same method, insert headpin into white pearl then daisy spacer and close with wrapped loop. Repeat with second pearl and spacer.
  • 8. Attach five silver jump rings together; attach to loop end of toggle clasp. Randomly add bead components to jump rings, placing desired single components on first and fifth rings, and two components on remaining rings.