Beading / Jewelry

Chandelier Earrings

By  Dale Armstrong  for  Beadalon

size: 3"


  • Swarovski Chrysolite Beads: Teardrop, 9x6mm, two; Olive, 9x6mm, two; Bicones, 4mm, 10; Faceted Round, 4mm, two; Faceted Round, 6mm, two
  • Silver findings: ear wires, one pair; 1-1/2” headpins, 22-gauge, six; OD twisted jump rings, 8mm, two
  • Fancy square wire, 21-gauge


  • Jewelry pliers: round-nose, flat-nose, chain-nose
  • Wire cutters
  • Ring mandrel

Basic Supplies

  • ruler, fine-point marker
  • Create Components
  • 1. Straighten, clean, and cut two each of following wire lengths: 2-1/4", 2-3/4", 3". Mark center of each length.
  • 2. Place center mark of 2-1/4" length at size 1 on ring mandrel. Push evenly on both sides of wire simultaneously to form horseshoe shape. Repeat with second same-size length. Repeat with 2-3/4" lengths at size 2 mark and 3" lengths at size 3.
  • 3. With open end of horseshoe facing you, place round-nose pliers at very tip of wire's end. Grasp firmly and in one smooth motion, roll wire away from you, toward back of shape. Loosen pliers' grip on wire, but do not remove. Roll pliers around just-made loop to front. Tighten grip and bend wire slightly toward you to form and "open eye." Repeat on both ends of every horseshoe wire. (Note: Remember to leave room for swing since eyes must go around another 21-gauge wire.)
  • 4. Shape horseshoe into open teardrop by gently bending each open eye straight up using flat-nose pliers. Finish by grasping both "open eye" ends of each horseshoe together using flat-nose pliers.
  • 5. Make charms by adding beads to headpins as shown. After adding beads, place tip of chain-nose pliers just above last bead. Using fingers, bend headpin over edge of pliers at 90° angle, locking on beads. Proceed to make wrapped loop. For top charm, thread 6mm round then bicone on headpin. For center charm, thread olive then two bicones on headpin. For bottom charm, thread teardrop then three bicones on headpin. Repeat for other earring.
  • Assemble Earrings
  • 1. Lay out components in order.
  • 2. Slightly open eyes of center horseshoe using chain-nose pliers. Bend ends toward each side of horseshoe, similar to opening jump ring. Slip on bottom charm; set aside.
  • 3. Open bottom horseshoe eyes slightly. Gently squeeze sides together with fingers and hook over bottom of center horseshoe, straddling charm. Close eyes, allowing horseshoe to swing.
  • 4. Slide top charm onto jump ring. Open eyes of top horseshoe, slide on center charm, and hook top horseshoe onto jump ring, straddling charm. Close eyes. Hook eyes of center horseshoe over bottom of top horseshoe, straddling charm. Close eyes.
  • 5. Attach ear wires to jump rings. Repeat assembly instructions for other earring.