Beading / Jewelry

Blue Shell & Butterfly Chain Bracelet

By  Linda Valentino 

size: 6"


  • Aqua capiz shells, 1/2”, 10 each: round, teardrop
  • Beadalon Quick Links Diamond Cut Solid Silver Plated Rings: 15mm, 10; 20mm, five
  • Bead Landing Silver Butterfly Charms, 5/8”, five
  • Large link silver chain, approx. 35”
  • Silver jump rings: 5mm, 40; 7mm
  • Pepperell Stretch Magic Clear Jewelry Cord, .07mm


  • Chain-nose pliers, two pairs

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler, masking tape
  • 1. Open small jump ring, add round shell, and attach to second link on chain. Count nine links down chain. Open small jump ring, add teardrop shell, and attach to chain. Repeat until all shells are on chain.
  • 2. Add small solid ring to jump ring; attach to chain link between shells. Add large solid ring in between next set of shells in same manner. Continue adding all solid rings and butterfly charms between shells in following pattern: small ring, large ring, small ring, butterfly charm, small ring.
  • 3. Leaving cord on spool, thread end in and out of each link of chain along full length. Place masking tape on end of cord when finished.
  • 4. Close chain strand into loop using large jump ring.
  • 5. Pull both ends of cord to form bracelet. When bracelet fits wrist comfortably, tie ends together and knot several times. Cut cord from spool and trim end close to knot.
  • Tip
  • 1. Depending on number of links in chain, one or more charms and shells may not be needed.