Beading / Jewelry

Amethyst Filigree Necklace

By  Terry Ricioli 

size: 23" with 2" dangle



  • Czech glass amethyst AB beads: fire polished round, 6mm, 17; pressed floral puffed coins, 13mm, seven
  • Swarovski Lavender Crystal Pearls, 6mm, three
  • Gunmetal-plated filigrees: ornate pendant with eight points or petals, 38x38mm; squares, 16mm, two
  • Gunmetal findings: flower bead caps, 5mm, six; eye pins, 2”, 21; headpins, 2”, three; jump rings, 6mm, nine; jump rings, 4mm, eight; hook-and-eye clasp
  • Gunmetal chain, approx. 12” length


  • Jewelry pliers: round-nose; chain-nose, two
  • Wire cutters

Basic Supplies

  • ruler
  • 1. Cut or separate chain into four 1-1/8" and two 3-3/8" lengths. Set aside.
  • 2. Slide round amethyst bead, opening bead cap, pearl, and closing bead cap onto headpin. Close with wrapped loop. Repeat to make three pearl dangles.
  • 3. Slide round amethyst bead onto eye pin; close with simple loop. Repeat for all remaining round beads and for all amethyst coins.
  • 4. Open loop on single round bead component; connect to another single round bead component. Close loop. Repeat to create four-bead segment. Repeat to make second four-bead segment.
  • 5. Connect three amethyst coin components using 6mm jump rings. Repeat to make second coin segment.
  • 6. Connect one half of clasp to one long chain length with 4mm jump ring. Open loop on four-bead segment; attach to other end of chain. Connect end of four-bead segment to three-coin segment with 6mm jump ring. Connect other end of three-coin segment to two short chain lengths with 6mm jump ring. Connect short chains to two adjacent corners of one filigree square with 4mm jump rings. Connect opposite corners of same square to two points on ornate pendant with single round bead component. Repeat for other side of necklace.
  • 7. Connect two single round bead components to center bottom points on filigree pendant. Open 6mm jump ring; join open loops of bead components and add remaining coin component before closing. Attach pearl dangle to open end of coin component.
  • 8. Attach one pearl dangle on each side of pendant using 4mm jump ring.
  • Tip
  • 1. Open and close jump rings with a twisting motion using two pairs of chain-nose pliers.