Beading / Jewelry

Agama Bracelet

By  Sara Ellis  for  Beadalon

size: varies


  • Opaque purple Czech glass beads: 6/0, 10/0
  • A.C. Moore Fundamental Findings Silver Ribbon Clamp, 25mm
  • Silver-Plated Findings*: Jump Rings, 3mm (314B-003), 4mm (314B-004); Small Lobster Clasp (315B-003)
  • Frost WildFire Beading Thread*, 0.15mm


  • Jewel Loom Beadling Loom* (2065-060)
  • Hard Beading Needle*, size 10 (JNEEH10/12)
  • Designer Sparkle Jewelry Pliers*: Flat Nose (201A-102), Chain Nose (201A-101)
  • Designer Beading Scissors* (211A-002)
  • G-S Hypo Cement* (JA-GSHYPO)
  • *Products avilable from Beadalon

Basic Supplies

  • ruler
  • 1. Following manufacturer's instructions, prepare loom with thread, leaving 8" of tail at top of bracelet to create woven terminal later.
  • 2. Bead bracelet on loom to desired length. Weave pattern as follows:
  • 3. Row 1: eight 6/0 beads.
  • 4. Rows 2-3: sixteen 10/0 beads.
  • 5. Row 4: eight 6/0 beads.
  • 6. Rows 5-6: sixteen 10/0 beads.
  • 7. Row 7: eight 6/0 beads.
  • 8. Rows 8-9: sixteen 10/0 beads.
  • 9. Rows 10-17: eight 6/0 beads.
  • 10. Rows 18-19: sixteen 10/0 beads.
  • 11. Row 20: eight 6/0 beads.
  • 12. Rows 21-22: sixteen 10/0 beads.
  • 13. Row 23: eight 6/0 beads.
  • 14. Rows 24-25: sixteen 10/0 beads.
  • 15. Rows 26-41: Repeat Rows 7-25.
  • 16. Rows 42-57: Repeat Rows 7-25.
  • 17. Row 58: eight 6/0 beads.
  • 18. Insert thread end back through several rows to secure. Weave back up to end of bracelet, exiting last bead of last row.
  • 19. Weave several rows of thread under and over, back and forth, across threads to create woven selvage slightly shorter than depth of ribbon clamp. See Photo 1.

    Photo 1
  • 20. Remove needle from thread; thread needle on tail at top of bracelet. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to create selvage at top of bracelet.
  • 21. Apply thin layer of adhesive to top and bottom selvage, covering entire bare woven section. Let dry. Cut bracelet off loom and trim threads as close to selvage edge as possible.
  • 22. Secure ribbon clamp to selvages using flat-nose pliers. Completely cover selvage on all sides. Squeeze flat-nose pliers up and down clamp length to evenly and completely close to secure.
  • 23. Open 3mm jump ring with chain-nose pliers. Attach jump ring to clasp and ribbon clamp; close. Open 4mm jump ring as before; attach to opposite ribbon clamp.
  • Picot Edging
  • 1. Note: Bracelet has two rows of picot edging. The outer row is 5-bead picot using 6/0 beads; last bead of each section is first bead of following section. The inner row is 6-bead picot using 10/0 beads stitched directly in front of outer row. Edging can be done while bracelet is still on loom or after it has been removed.
  • 2. Begin with thread exiting last bead in last row of bracelet. String on five 6/0 beads; pass thread under edge-warp thread and up through last bead added. Pull thread snug so beads rest side-by-side next to one another.
  • 3. (Note: Each subsequent set of picot beading will borrow last bead of set preceding it. In this case, outer 5-bead picot initally threads on five beads, but in next section, add only four new beads and thread through last bead of previous section as bead one in new set.) See Photo 2.

    Photo 2
  • 4. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 for entire length of bracelet.
  • 5. At end of bracelet, stitch through entire last row of beads to exit on other side. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 for entire length of other side.
  • 6. Begin second picot edge same way as before, threading directly in front of previous picot edge. String on six 10/0 beads initially as in Step 1. See Photo 3. Knot ends.

    Photo 3