Beading / Jewelry

Stamped Clay Necklace

By  Ann Butler Designs 

size: 10" length with 2-1/2"x3" focal


  • Makin’s Clay No Bake White Polymer Clay, 1/4 pkg.
  • Darice Brown Ribbon Necklace, 8-1/2”


  • Makin’s Clay Roller
  • Rubber stamp of choice
  • Clearsnap ColorBox Chalk Ink, in colors of choice
  • Earth Safe Finishes Eco Epoxy

Basic Supplies

  • zip-lock bag, damp paper towel, scissors, sponge, jar lid, paintbrush, ruler, wax paper (to cover work surface)
  • 1. On covered work surface, roll clay into 1/16" thickness and form into 4"x4" square.
  • 2. Press rubber stamp randomly into clay to create impression. Rub inkpad colors directly onto clay; use finger to blend until desired effect is achieved.
  • 3. Gently lift one side of clay off work surface; gather clay towards center, creating pleats. Form center pleat into 1/8" log; wrap end to back of clay, forming loop. Gently tear edges of clay as desired.
  • 4. Follow manufacturer's instructions to mix Eco Epoxy. Apply epoxy on clay using paintbrush; let dry for 24 hours.
  • 5. Thread ribbon necklace through loop on clay.
  • Tip
  • 1. Mix Eco Epoxy on a metal or plastic jar lid so it can be recycled after use.