Beading / Jewelry

QC: Holiday Brad Charm Bracelet

By  Keri Lee Sereika 


  • 5-8 decorated holiday brads
  • Length of flat laying, large-link chain
  • Assorted crystals
  • Silver head pins
  • Bracelet clasp


  • Pliers
  • 1. Are you looking for a fun, spirited, original gift this holiday season? Try making one of these adorable bracelets Holiday Brad Charm Bracelets! Choose 5-8 decorated holiday brads, a length of flat laying, large-link chain, assorted crystals and silver head pins. Begin by placing the unopened brad through a chain link, open the brad and use pliers to bend under the edges of each brad shank. Repeat until you are pleased with the arrangement. Next, add some sparkle and shine by beading a headpin and looping it onto the bracelet. Repeat for several dangly charms. Attach the bracelet clasp to complete your bead-dazzling creation.