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Neon Brights Soldered Necklace

By  Suzann Sladcik Wilson 

size: 18"

  • Neon Brights Soldered Necklace


  • Glass items: squares, 1”, 12; microscope slides, 1”x3”, two
  • Copper foil tape
  • Rowlux Illusion Film: Hot Pink, Clear, Green
  • Silver twisted oval links, 16mmx6mm, 12
  • Silver twisted jump rings, 8mm, 20
  • Silver lobster claw clasp


  • Flush cutters
  • Bone folder
  • Flux and flux brush
  • Soldering iron, lead-free solder, and hemostats

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, tweezers, ruler
  • 1. Cut 1"x3" rectangle from Hot Pink film and two 1" squares each from Hot Pink, Clear, and Green film.
  • 2. Sandwich cut film between two pieces of glass. Trim any edges of film that extend beyond glass edge.
  • 3. Wrap edges of glass pieces with copper foil tape. When done wrapping, rub bone folder with light pressure over copper foil to ensure tape is properly adhered to piece.
  • 4. Brush flux onto copper foil tape on each piece. Apply lead-free solder to edges of pieces using soldering iron. Use tweezers to hold piece steady while applying solder.
  • 5. Make cut in each jump ring so jump ring can be opened and closed using flush cutters. Create two sections of chain consisting of four jump rings with three oval links between each.
  • 6. Solder last ring of chain section to top of Hot Pink square using hemostats and soldering iron. Sink cuts of jump rings into solder to close openings of jump rings.
  • 7. Attach two jump rings onto one oval. Solder jump ring attached to oval to bottom of Hot Pink square. Solder other jump ring to top of Clear square.
  • 8. Repeat Step 7 to connect one jump ring to bottom of Clear square and one jump ring to top of Green square.
  • 9. Repeat Step 8, leaving out one jump ring; connect jump ring to bottom of Green square.
  • 10. Repeat Steps 5-9 to create other side of necklace.
  • 11. Connect ovals on bottom of Green squares using jump ring. Solder jump ring to top of Hot Pink rectangle.
  • 12. On one section of chain, attach lobster claw clasp. On other section of chain, attach remaining jump ring.
  • Tip
  • 1. Polish your necklace with multi-purpose cleaner to clean glass and shine solder.