Beading / Jewelry

Multi-Stone Bracelet

By  Terry Ricioli 


  • Antique copper-colored patterned button with shank, 7/8”
  • Stone beads: turquoise chips, 36; green jade, 5mm, 17; carnelian disks, 29; yellow jasper, 6mm, two; carved aragonite leaf, 15mmx20mm, two
  • Pressed glass beads: turquoise patterned, 6mm, three
  • Antique copper: beads, 1mm, 40; patterned rondelles, 7mmx4mm, 14; jump rings, 6mm, two; crimp beads, two
  • Copper stringing wire, 20” length
  • Copper headpins, 2”, two


  • Jewelry pliers: crimping; round-nose; chain-nose, two
  • Wire cutters

Basic Supplies

  • ruler
  • Size
  • 1. Size is 8-3/4" (excluding dangles).
  • Bracelet
  • 1. String 20 copper beads to center of wire. String copper rondelle over both wires. Adjust loop to fit over button.
  • 2. On one strand, string copper bead then random mix of turquoise chips, green jade, carnelian disks, yellow jasper, turquoise glass, copper rondelles, and beads for 7" length. Repeat on second strand.
  • 3. String three copper beads followed by one crimp bead on one strand; attach to button shank. Repeat on second strand.
  • 4. Slide leaf onto headpin; add two or three beads and finish dangle with simple loop. Repeat on second headpin.
  • 5. Attach one dangle to button shank with jump ring. Attach second dangle to first dangle's headpin loop with jump ring.
  • Tip
  • 1. Mixing different types of beads like chips, rounds, disks, and rondelles adds greater interest and texture to your beading.