Beading / Jewelry

GNI: Fashionista Flip Flops

By  Jennifer & Kitty O’Neil 


  • Turquoise flip-flops
  • Flat Back Rhinestones (Swarovski), 2.6mm: Hyacinth Orange, 86; Light Topaz, 96


  • G-S Hypo cement
  • Sticky putty or clay, pea-sized ball
  • Toothpick

Pattern - Flip-flop & Crystal Combos

  • 1. Stick a pea-sized putty ball on the end of the toothpick to create a tool for picking up the rhinestones.
  • 2. Use pick-up tool to tap the glitzy side of a Hyacinth Orange rhinestone. Place a drop of cement on the back of the rhinestone, then glue it to the center of the flip-flop thong. Surround the orange rhinestone with six Light Topaz rhinestones to create a flower.
  • 3. Repeat the process to create a flower on each side of the first, using the Light Topaz for the center and Hyacinth Orange for the petals.
  • 4. Continue, alternating the colors of the flowers, until you have six flowers on each strap.
  • 5. Repeat steps 2-4 to embellish the remaining flip-flop.
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