Beading / Jewelry

Flights of Fancy

By  Jennifer & Kitty O’Neil 


  • Beveled-glass square, 1”x1”
  • Glass microscope slide, 1”x3”
  • Copper foil tape, 1/4”-wide, 4-1/2” length
  • Copper wire, 20-gauge, 5” length
  • Bird clip art, decorative papers, maps, and postage stamps
  • Flourish rubber stamp
  • StazOn ink pad (Tsukineko): Jet Black
  • Iridescent crystal ultra-fine glitter


  • Flourish rubber stamp
  • StazOn ink pad (Tsukineko): Jet Black
  • Red Devil DIY Glass Cutter
  • Acid-free glue stick
  • Super glue
  • Round-nose pliers
  • Burnishing tool
  • Black permanent fine-tip marker
  • 1. To create a mini-collage, use the beveled-glass square as a window and move it over the clip art or decorative paper until you find a desired background pattern. Using the beveled-glass square as a template, use a craft knife to cut out the background. Next, cut out a gorgeous focal image of a bird. Create a tiny collage on your background using the bird image and maps or postage stamps. Use the glue stick to assemble the collage.
  • 2. To cut the glass for the back of the pendant, mark a line 1" in from the end of the glass slide. Score the glass by holding the glass cutter upright and rolling the cutting blade along the line making a straight scratch in the glass. To finish the cut, lay the slide over the edge of a book with the score line facing up. Align the score line with the edge of the book. Tap the end of the slide that is handing off the book. The glass square will break off neatly. Thoroughly clean both sides of the glass square and the beveled-glass square with window cleaner.
  • 3. Decorate the beveled-glass square by stamping a flourish directly onto the flat side of the glass. For best results, lay the stamp face up, ink it, then press the glass on top. Let dry.
  • 4. Place the tiny collage face up on top of the glass square. Dab the collage with the glue stick and sprinkle with glitter. Blow off excess. Then place the beveled-glass square stamped-side down on top of the collage.
  • 5. To wrap the pendant, start by laying the copper tape sticky side up on your work surface. Pinch the glass square, mini-collage, and beveled-glass square into a sandwich. Holding it upright, press the bottom edge onto the end of the copper tape. Roll the pendant end over end until it is taped on all sides. Press two opposite sides of the tape down on the front and back of the pendant and press out to the edge. Press the remaining sides down over the first and smooth with the burnishing tool to make tidy corners.
  • 6. To make a decorative hanger, twist a spiral into each end of the copper wire using the pliers. Fold the wire in half over the top of the pendant pressing the spirals onto the front and back of the pendant. Super glue the front spiral in place. Let dry. Repeat for the back spiral. You will be left with a wire U-shape that goes over then pendant from the front spiral to the back spiral. Twist this loop around itself like a twist-tie to form a tight loop. Show off your pretty pendant on a colorful satin ribbon.
  • Crafty Shopping Tip
  • 1. You can find microscope slides at school supply stores or online at American Science & Surplus ( Or skip the glass cutting altogether and get 1" glass squares for scrapbooking, like Inkssentials Memory Glass.
  • Behind The Scenes
  • 1. The pendant is glass on both sides, so why not cut a special 1" image to show through the back? It'll be your little secret.