Beading / Jewelry

Blue Hues Beaded Jewelry

By  Linda Valentino 

The relaxing hues in this set evoke welcome memories of summertime hours spent gazing out across the blue waves of the ocean or pool.


  • Turquoise beads: pearls, 8mm, eight; flat teardrops, 12mm, three; flat circles, 12mm, five; round beads, 6mm, eight
  • Glass beads: blue, 2/0, eight; turquoise iridescent oblong, 10mm, eight
  • Silver chain: standard link, 30” length; large link, 7- and 10-link pieces
  • Silver findings: headpins, 2”, 24; jump rings, 6mm, 13, 8mm, two; ear wires, two; lobster clasp
  • Silver star charm


  • Pliers: chain-nose, round-nose
  • Flush cutters

Basic Supplies

  • ruler
  • Sizes
  • 1. Sizes are: necklace, 18"; earrings 1-1/4".
  • Blue Hues Beaded Jewelry
  • 1. Insert headpin into pearl; create loop in end of headpin with round-nose pliers. Hold loop with chain-nose pliers and wrap wire several times below loop; cut off excess. Repeat for all pearls and oblong beads.
  • 2. Insert headpin into turquoise round then blue glass bead; make loop and wrap. Repeat for all round/glass bead combinations.
  • 3. For earrings, use 8mm jump ring to join pearl, oblong bead, flat circle, and round/glass combo together. Add ear wire to jump ring and close. Repeat for second earring.
  • 4. For necklace, use 6mm jump ring to join pearl, oblong bead, flat circle, and round/glass combo together. Attach jump ring to first link in 7-link piece of chain.
  • 5. Using remaining beads, randomly join in pairs on 6mm jump rings to form 10 clusters. Attach clusters to both sides of links 2-6 on 7-link piece, leaving last link free.
  • 6. Open 30" chain. Attach chain ends to clasp jump ring, forming double chain. Thread opposite end of double chain through top link of cluster, then add jump ring. Attach jump ring to first link in 10-link piece.
  • 7. To finish, add jump ring and star charm to end of 10-link piece.