Beading / Jewelry

Art Deco Jewelry

By  Barbara E. Swanson  for  The DMC Corp.

sizes: necklace, 24"; earrings, 3" stitch count: necklace main focal, 61 w x 37 h; necklace side focals 10 w x 10 h; earrings, 13 w x 30 h

  • Art Deco Jewelry


  • 14-count plastic canvas, 6”x6”
  • Pale aqua ultrasuede, 6”x6”
  • DMC floss: (E135) Golden Dawn Light Effects, (4030) Monet’s Garden Color Variations, (283) Silver Metallic Thread; 6-strand Embroidery Floss, 3808, 3811
  • Jewelry findings: crimp beads, four; wire guardians, four; jump rings, 4mm, six; ear wires, two; barrel clasp
  • Beading wire, .38mm, 30” length


  • Pliers: needle-nose, crimping
  • Tapestry needle
  • Beacon Adhesives Fabri-Tac Permanent Adhesive

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, water soluble fabric marker, ruler

Stitch Types

Cross-stitch: 3 strands
Backstitch: 1 strand

Pattern - Art Deco Jewelry

  • 1. Cross-stitch design using three strands of floss on plastic canvas.
  • 2. Backstitch design using one strand of (E135) Golden Dawn Light Effects. Knot and clip thread ends.
  • 3. Cut around each stitched piece. Overcast along edges of each piece using six strands of (3808) Turquoise-UL VY LT. Backstitch along overcast stitched edge as shown.
  • 4. Use marker to trace around shapes of finished pieces on ultrasuede. Carefully cut out and adhere to back of corresponding stitched pieces using fabric glue.
  • 5. Use pliers and jump ring to attach earring wire to one earring piece. Repeat for other earring.
  • 6. Use pliers and jump ring to attach one small necklace section to left side of larger center section. Attach jump ring to opposite corner of small necklace section. Repeat for right side.
  • 7. Thread one end of wire through wire guardian and through jump ring. Crimp end, leaving approximately 14" extended beyond crimp.
  • 8. Cut two 30" lengths of (283) Silver thread. Hold threads together; fold in half and attach through wire guardian with larkspur knot. Cover these strands (one stringing wire and four silver threads) with buttonhole stitch using two strands of (E135) Golden Dawn and 4030 Monet's Garden for 9-1/4" length. Weave ends under stitches.
  • 9. Attach wire guardian to end of stitched chain and through one side of barrel clasp. Crimp and trim excess wire.
  • 10. Repeat Steps 8 and 9 for other side of necklace.