Beading / Jewelry

In The Loop Necklace

By  Kathy Salamone  for  Beadalon

size: 18"


  • Rose Gold Artistic Wire*, 20-gauge, 42” length
  • German-Style Silver-Plated Medium Temper 20-Gauge Wire*: Check Pattern, 42” length; Half Round, 24” length
  • Quick Links Oval Solid Silver-Plated Ring*


  • Jewelry Pliers*: Single Band 20/21-Gauge Wire Banding, Nylon Jaw, Nylon Jaw Flat-Nose, Nylon Jaw Round-Nose, Bent Chain-Nose, Designer Round-Nose
  • Designer Semi-Flush Cutter
  • * Products available from Beadalon

Basic Supplies

  • painter’s tape or masking tape, ruler
  • 1. Cut Rose Gold and check wire in half to create four 21" wire lengths. Straighten each by clamping down on one end with nylon pliers and using nylon flat-nose pliers to grip and slide down entire wire length. Lay lengths side-by-side on work surface, alternating colors. Tape each end in place.
  • 2. Cut half round wire into eight 3" lengths. Clamp center of 3" length using wire-banding pliers to create double right-angle bend. (Note: Round side of wire must be against jaws of pliers with indentation when making this bend.) Repeat with all eight pieces.
  • 3. Slip bent wire around taped wire group 7" from one end. Secure bent wire against both sides of group using bent chain-nose pliers. Bend each leg of bent wire two revolutions in opposite direction around wire group to create binding band. Cut excess wire on same side of work, making sure wire end is on same back side as necklace. Secure band with nylon jaw pliers.
  • 4. Position three additional binding bands on wire group at 1-3/4" intervals from first band.
  • 5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 beginning from opposite end of taped wire group.
  • 6. Find center of taped wire group. Separate two Rose Gold wires from two check wires with fingers, creating 1" gap. Take one taped end and pull it through gap to create four distinct loops in center of work. Gently pull ends of work using round nylon jaw pliers until desired effect is achieved. Avoid creating bends or kinks in wire.
  • 7. To create clasp, remove tape from one end of wire group. Cut wire ends if necessary to keep even. Clamp tip of round-nose pliers on end of work. Create "P" shape by bending wires in direction of center loops.
  • 8. Turn wires so "P" shape is facing you. Clamp widest part of round-nose pliers 1/4" down from loop of "P" and bend wires away from you until back of "P" meets work.
  • 9. Remove tape from other end of wire group. Clamp tip of round-nose pliers on end of outermost Rose Gold wire. Curl wire around pliers, moving away from work, and creating circle with two revolutions. Cut off excess wire.
  • 10. Clamp tip of round-nose pliers at end of check wire opposite curl just created. Curl check wire as in Step 9.
  • 11. Place oval ring over two remaining uncurled wires. Clamp down on ends of wires using tip of round-nose pliers and curl wires around jaws of pliers making two revolutions toward outside of center loops. Be sure oval ring remains free-moving in center of loops.
  • 12. Gently bend wires using nylon regular and flat-nose pliers to shape necklace and position necklace ends to meet. To close clasp, slip oval ring into hook created in Steps 7 and 8.
  • Tip
  • 1. Change the look of this necklace by adding your favorite charms, crystals, or small stones to the four loops created with wire.