Beading / Jewelry

Crystal Photo Bracelet

By  Barbara Greve 

size: 7" (adjustable)


  • Crystal Innovations Photo Swirl Bracelet Kit (Pure Allure)
  • Six photos


  • Gem-Tac Adhesive (Beacon Adhesives)
  • Toothpicks
  • 1. Use computer and printer, copy store, or color photocopier to adjust size of photos to fit inside frames.
  • 2. Use one plastic photo cover as template to trace around image positioned as desired; cut out. Cut remaining photos in same way. Place photos inside frames.
  • 3. Kit is designed for 7" wrist. Add or subtract beads as needed to fit desired size.
  • 4. Place frames in desired order with one silver, crystal, and silver bead in between each frame next to top and bottom holes. Cut elastic string in half and thread one string through top holes in frames and beads in between and remaining string through bottom holes in frames and beads.
  • 5. Tie elastic cord ends together behind one of the frames on both the bottom and top. Use toothpick to apply adhesive, then tie another knot. Let dry and trim ends.

More Ideas!
Use old photos for a beautiful vintage bracelet.
Use decorative papers or thin lace instead of photos for different look.