Beading / Jewelry

Baker’s Christmas Earrings

By  Jennifer Eno-Wolf  for  Prima Bead

size: varies


  • Silver bracelet memory wire
  • Tree-shaped cookie charms, two
  • Silver findings, two each: jump rings, 4mm, 6mm; ear wires
  • Red organza ribbon


  • Wire cutters
  • Jewelry pliers: round-nose, needle-nose

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, clear nail polish, ruler

Project Instructions

    Whisk Earrings

  • 1. Cut 24" wire length. Loosely wrap wire around two fingers five or six times, making sure tail ends meet.
  • 2. Pinch wire ends together, leaving enough room to attach one 6mm jump ring. Attach jump ring before closing gap.
  • 3. Cut 8" wire length. Coil wire around pinched section seven times; trim excess wire.
  • 4. Attach earring wire to 6mm jump ring at end of wire loops using 4mm jump ring. Cut 4" ribbon length. Thread through 6mm jump ring; tie knot. Trim ribbon ends at angle and apply nail polish to ends to prevent fraying.
  • 5. Curve wires into whisk shape using pliers and fingers.
  • 6. Repeat Steps 1-5 for second earring.
  • Cookie Earrings

  • 1. Attach ear wire to cookie charm loop.
  • 2. Repeat for second earring.