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Sparkling Wine Charms

By  Suzann Sladcik Wilson 

size: 2"

  • Sparkling Wine Charms
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  • Earring hoops, six
  • Inspirational charms: love, laughter, live, believe, dream, hope
  • Silver sphere beads, 2mm, 48
  • Swarovski Crystal Bicones, 6mm, 36 total: Indian Pink, Indian Sapphire, Garnet, Fireopal, -Greige, Topaz, Peridot, Mocha, Smoked Topaz, Light Smoked Topaz, Olivine
  • Jump rings, 3mm, six


  • Pliers: chain-nose, round-nose

Basic Supplies

  • ruler
  • 1. Using round-nose and chain-nose pliers, open jump rings. Place one jump ring through top of each inspirational charm. Close jump rings.
  • 2. On each earring hoop, attach one silver sphere, one Swarovski crystal, one silver sphere, one Swarovski crystal, one silver sphere, one Swarovski crystal, and one silver sphere. Make sure to use three different color crystals on each hoop.
  • 3. Attach each inspirational charm on each earring hoop next to silver sphere.
  • 4. Repeat Step 2 in reverse order.
  • 5. When finished placing beads on hoop, use chain-nose pliers to bend 1/4" of straight end of hoop to 90º angle. Insert 90º straight end into loop end of earring charm to close. Repeat step for remaining five charms.
  • Tip
  • 1. Shop for inspirational charms at your local craft store or online for handmade designs on Etsy or CraftStar.