Beading / Jewelry

Nature's Necklace

By  Karen Embry  for  Plaid Enterprises, Inc.

  • Nature's Necklace


  • Metal jewelry items (Plaid): Chain (#85912); Jump Rings Set (#85921); Charms Set (#85910); Butterfly Charm Set (#85887); Birds Charm Set (#85909)
  • Vintage necklace


  • Chain-nose pliers
  • Flush cutters
  • 1. Disassemble old necklace and separate pieces. Use flush cutters to cut away any chain that is not needed or remove charms from jump rings. Remove clasp from vintage necklace to use for new necklace, if desired.
  • 2. Arrange new silver chain, vintage pieces and new charms as desired. Quick Tip: Use largest charm for center focal point.
  • 3. Cut two ten-link lengths from each end of chain. In center of chain, count five links from center and attach ten-link length to fifth link from center on both sides with small jump ring. Attach bottom of two hanging pieces of cut chain with small jump ring. Use medium jump ring to attach butterfly charm to bottom of chain triangle jump ring. Use small jump ring to attach small vintage bead charm to jump ring holding butterfly to chain.
  • 4. Attach small vintage bead to center of chain, in between two pieces of chain that were added to form chain triangle to dangle just above butterfly.
  • 5. Spread out two sides of chain and arrange charms as desired. Leaves, birds and butterfly charms work well together as they all represent nature. Black shiny and clear chunky vintage beads provide good contrast and interest.
  • 6. Count chain rings/links from center when placing remaining charms so they are evenly spaced on both sides of center focal point. Use small jump rings to attach two smaller black beads three links from center chain triangle.
  • 7. Leave a fine chain link space from last charm and attach rectangular bird charm with small jump ring. Repeat on opposite side.
  • 8. Continue adding charms and beads on each side of necklace, alternating charm/bead and jump ring sizes. Leave enough space in between charms on necklace so it is not too cluttered.
  • 9. Clip chain ends to desired lengths. Attach clasp to one end and jump ring to remaining end.