Beading / Jewelry

Clay Heart Necklace

By  Gail Ritchey 

A symbol of romance and courage, the heart is most often used to convey feelings of love. Create this stunning clay heart necklace as a meaningful gift to the woman in your life you care for most.

  • Clay Heart Necklace
  • Optional Design: Oval Necklace


  • Oven-bake polymer clay, 1 pkg. each: white, champagne, dark red
  • Mill Hill Creative Charms, heart, 2-1/2”-wide
  • Black cording, 22” length


  • Loew-Cornell Clay Gun
  • Clay-dedicated pasta machine or acrylic brayer
  • Clay shaping tool
  • Heating pad
  • Parchment paper
  • Wire scouring sponge
  • Unglazed ceramic tile
  • Oven

Basic Supplies

  • ruler, craft knife, stylus
  • 1. Press front and back of heart charm together; remove hanger.
  • 2. Condition red clay; run through pasta machine at #6 setting. Cover front of heart with clay, gently stretching over edges. Trim excess at back with craft knife.
  • 3. Place remaining red clay on parchment paper. Place back of heart on clay; trim around edges. Press back and front clay edges together, smoothing with fingers. Using fingers and clay shaper, gently press clay into form at back of heart. To create textured look, press wire sponge into front and sides.
  • 4. For flowers, mix two parts white clay with one part champagne; roll into 1/4" diameter log. Cut fifteen 1/8" pieces from log. Roll into balls; flatten and shape into teardrop-shaped petals. Place petals on heart in clusters to form three flowers; curve petal ends up with clay shaper.
  • 5. Insert 19-hole disk into clay gun. Place small amount white/champagne mixture into gun. Place gun on heating pad to warm for five to 10 minutes. (Note: Do not overheat or clay will begin to bake inside gun.)
  • 6. Following clay gun manufacturer's instructions, extrude noodles from gun. Cut seven 1-1/2" to 2" lengths from noodles for vines. Using clay shaper, press end of one length under one flower. Holding remaining end, gently twist vine, pressing to heart with clay shaper.
  • 7. Cut remaining noodles into small lengths; roll into balls. Place seven to nine balls in center of each flower. Use stylus to indent remaining balls. Press onto heart in groups as shown.
  • 8. Bake heart on parchment-covered tile at 265°F for 30 minutes. Turn off oven and let cool; remove. Replace hanger. Insert cording through hole; knot ends.
  • Other Option
  • 1. By simply changing the color of clay and style of charm, you can create an entirely different look for your necklace.