Beading / Jewelry

Earring and Necklace Holder

By  Barb Chauncey 

Easily locate jewelry at a glance while avoiding the hassles of lost earrings or tangled necklaces. Both kids and adults can create this quick-and simple holder to beautifully display and organize their jewelry.


  • Three yellow jumbo craft sticks
  • Black plastic screen, 4-3/4” x 5-3/8”
  • Heart-shaped brads, six
  • Wire, 24-gauge
  • Yellow satin ribbon, 1/4"-wide, 24" length


  • Drill or hand drill with 5/64” bit
  • Wire cutters
  • Transparent tape

Basic Supplies

  • pencil, scissors, ruler, old magazine
  • 1. For top craft sticks, use pencil to make a mark 3/4" from each end of two craft sticks, 3/8" from one long edge. Place sticks on top of magazine and drill holes through mark. (Note: Adult supervision is needed when using a drill.) For bottom craft stick, use pencil to make a mark 1-3/16", 2-1/4", 3-11/16", and 5" on remaining craft stick, 1/4" from one long edge; drill holes.
  • 2. For necklace holders, wrap an 1/8" section of wire around shanks of four brads just behind heart. (Note: This allows space between brad and craft stick in order to hang necklaces.) Center screen to back of bottom craft stick, covering holes. Push brads through front of craft stick and screen; open brads to secure in place.
  • 3. Center screen to back of one top craft stick, covering holes; tape in place. Align remaining top craft stick, so screen is sandwiched between and holes are aligned. Push brads through holes; do not open brads at this time. Tie ribbon ends into a 2"-wide bow with 2" long tails; cut ends at a slant. See photo. Place ribbon between brads and adjust so bow and loop meet as hanger. Open brads to secure in place.