Beading / Jewelry

Dramatic Waves Stitched Bracelet

By  Linda Musante 

Explore a different method of creating jewelry with a peyote stitch. Follow this simple tutorial to create this beautiful Dramatic Waves Stitched Bracelet!

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  • Fig. 2
  • Fig. 3


  • Assorted beads of choice (Designer used amethyst glass spacer beads, 2 pkgs.; lavender glass flowers and petals)
  • Nylon-based beading thread
  • Toggle clasp


  • Beading needle, size 10 or 12
  • Bead dish, fleece square, or terry cloth towel
  • Thread conditioner or beeswax

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler
  • 1. Pour small amount of beads in dish. Thread needle with 30" length of doubled thread. Condition thread.
  • 2. To begin peyote stitch, pick up bead on needle and slide to end of thread, leaving 5" length. Pass needle back through bead. (Note: This bead will act as a stopper to prevent the following beads from falling off. The extra loop will be removed and tail woven into beadwork later.)
  • 3. See Figure 1. String 7-1/2" length of beads, using an even number. Stitch through jump ring on one half of toggle clasp. Pick up bead on needle and pass needle through second-to-last bead added in base row; pull thread through. Pick up another bead, skip a bead, pass through next bead.

    Figure 1
  • 4. Continue to add beads to end of row. (Note: As beads are added, new beads will nestle between first-row beads. See Figures 2 and 3.)

    Figure 2

    Figure 3
  • 5. At end of row, stitch through jump ring on remaining side of toggle clasp. (Note: Be sure to stitch through toggle-clasp jump ring to anchor it to beadwork at end of each row.)
  • 6. Pick up a bead and stitch back along row. Continue rows in same way until bracelet is desired width. When finished, remove stopper bead and thread needle with original thread. Weave length through beadwork to anchor; cut excess.
  • 7. To add dimension to bracelet, create "arches" as follows. Weave thread approximately 1" down row of choice. Add beads to fill 2" to 2-1/2" length of thread. Move thread across bracelet to determine look; anchor arch by passing thread through spot of choice, then continue with peyote stitch. Weave thread through arch length and across width of bracelet several times to secure.
  • Tip
  • 1. To start or end thread, weave length through beads in several directions to anchor. If ending, cut excess. If starting, be sure to come up with needle at same spot where previous thread ended.