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Bead and Craft Foam Flag

By  Mary Ayres 

Celebrate the Memorial Day holiday! Here's a quick-and-easy project to make that's great for any patriotic celebration.

  • Bead and Craft Foam Flag
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  • Craft foam: blue, white
  • White iridescent cording, 112” length
  • Pony beads: 49 red, 42 white


  • Hole punch, 1/8”
  • Beacon Adhesives Craft Foam Glue

Basic Supplies

  • paper, pencil, scissors, ruler, transparent tape

Pattern - Bead and Craft Foam Flag

  • 1. Print and cut out pattern. Follow directions on pattern.
  • 2. Cut blue craft foam to 2-3/4" square. To make the flag, see Figure 1. Use hole punch to punch nine holes in blue foam where indicated by dots. Cut seven 15" lengths and one 7" length from cord. Wrap a small piece of tape around each cord end and twist tape into points. (Note: The tape makes it easier to thread cording through holes and beads.) Thread both ends of each 15" length through bottom holes of square from back to front, then thread ends through loop formed by cord, and pull cord ends tight. See photo. Thread seven red beads and six white beads onto each cord group alternating colors, beginning and ending with red beads. Repeat same for remaining cord groups. Remove tape. Knot ends of each cording group 4" from bottom edge of blue foam square.

    Figure 1
  • 3. For hanging loop, thread each end of 7" cord through top holes of blue foam square from front to back. Knot cord ends at back to secure. See photo. Adhere star to center front of blue foam square. Let dry.