Beading / Jewelry

Wire Flower Rings

By  Ann Butler 

size: 2"

  • Wire Flower Rings
  • Steps


  • The Beadery Flower Beads, assorted sizes
  • Plastic-coated wire, 22-gauge, 6” length


  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Round toothpick
  • 1. Measure and cut 6" length of plastic-coated wire. Follow photo step-by-steps below to use wire and beads.
  • 2. Wrap one end of wire length around toothpick forming curl.
  • 3. Thread flower beads, smallest to largest, on straight end of wire length. Bend end under last bead.
  • 4. Wrap wire length around finger; adjust size as needed. Wrap remaining end around toothpick to curl.