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Garnet Spiral-Stitched Bracelet

By  Eve Leder 

Work up this pretty stitched bracelet quickly by stringing multiple beads at a time. The spiral-stitched design is easy to create by passing beading needle through previously strung sets.

  • Garnet Spiral-Stitched Bracelet


  • City Beads LLC Round Czech Fire Polished Beads: Madeira Topaz, 6mm, 300; Crystal Copper, 4mm, 300
  • MGB Matsuno Japanese Iris Bronze Beads, 12/0, 71g
  • Beadalon WildFire Black Beading Thread
  • Beadalon Gold Toggle Clasp


  • Beadalon Big Eye Needle

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler
  • Size
  • 1. Size is 7".
  • Bracelet
  • 1. Cut piece of thread 10 feet long. The thread tail should be at least 10" long. Pass needle through stopper and then pass thread again through bottom of bead.
  • 2. Pick up two 6mm beads (core beads) and slide them down to stopper bead.
  • 3. For spiral beads, pick up five 12/0 seed beads, one 4mm bead, and five size 12/0 seed beads. Pass needle up through bottom of core beads and pull tightly.
  • 4. Pick up another set of spiral beads as in Step 3. Pass needle and thread through set of core beads again and pull tightly. Separate two spirals so that one is on either side of core beads.
  • 5. (Note: From this point on, add only one core bead along with two sets of spiral beads to complete each stitch.) Pick up one 6mm bead, five 12/0 seed beads, one 4mm bead, and five 12/0 seed beads. Slide them down to core bead added in previous round. Pass needle through two core beads (one from this round and one from previous round). Pull snugly and keep spiral to one side of core beads.
  • 6. Pick up another set of spiral beads: five 12/0 seed beads, one 4mm bead, and five 12/0 seed beads. Pass needle through same set of core beads in previous step and pull snugly. Push this spiral over to opposite side from spiral stitched in previous step.
  • 7. Continue working in this manner until total of 21 core beads are added to create 7" bracelet. Adjust size as needed.
  • 8. For bar end on toggle clasp, use working thread to pick up four 12/0 seed beads. Pass thread through loop on bar end of clasp and back down four seed beads just added and down through two core beads. Pull tight.
  • 9. Taking working thread, pass needle through either side spiral loop. In between two beads, towards top of loop, make knot. Continue working thread to loop of bar end of clasp. Work thread down opposite spiral. Repeat as many times as possible without breaking beads. Trim thread. For ring end on toggle clasp, remove stopper bead. Thread needle with tail end created in Step 1. Pick up two size 12/0 seed beads. Repeat process used for bar end.