Beading / Jewelry

Wire-Framed Cuff Bracelet

By  Jenny Bezingue 

This striking silver piece highlights the art of coiling wire. Add your favorite array of stone beads for an artsy-looking, eclectic accessory.

  • Wire-Framed Bracelet


  • Sterling silver wire: 16-gauge, 2-1/2 ft.; 24-gauge, 5 ft.
  • Rhyolite stone beads: faceted rectangle, 14mm; round, 6mm
  • Freshwater pearls: potato and coin shapes
  • Swarovski Khaki Bicone Crystals, 6mm
  • Czech glass beads, assorted sizes
  • Seed beads, 11/0
  • Bali silver spacer beads: small daisy; small and medium faceted


  • Round-nose and flat-nose pliers
  • Flush-jaw wire cutters
  • Rubber or rawhide mallet
  • Bench block or hard, smooth surface
  • Size
  • 1. Size is 3" diameter.
  • Bracelet
  • 1. For wire armature, gently pull and smooth 16-gauge wire coil to straighten. Place wire center into widest part of round-nose pliers; wrap wire around once to form large loop.
  • 2. Hold loop in flat-nose pliers and wrap one wire tightly around other several times around base of loop. Shape wires around arm with loop positioned at inside middle of wrist. Cut one wire 3" past center of loop; bend back 1-1/2" with round-nose pliers. Bend end up 1/8". Bend doubled length into hook.
  • 3. Wrap other wire end around base of hook several times, using 1/8" hook to hold wire in place. Cut excess wire. Tap bracelet firmly with rubber mallet on bench block to harden wire armature.
  • 4. Uncoil 24-gauge wire and smooth. Locate wire center. Add beads for bracelet front center. Wrap wire several times around each side of armature to secure. Working both sides alternately, continue beading until length is covered. Wrap wire several times around end to secure.
  • Tip
  • 1. Try working with small scraps of wire to get a feel for bending wire into coils before creating cuff shape.