Beading / Jewelry

Vintage Bead Dove Ornament

By  Eva Hanusova 

  • Vintage Bead Dove Ornament


  • Cotton fabric
  • Fancy woven fabric scrap (for wing)
  • Leather string: 5”; 6”; 7”; 9”
  • Buttons
  • Vintage and new glass beads


  • Fiberfill stuffing
  • Cotton thread: heavy-duty; sewing
  • Sewing needle

Pattern - Vintage Bead Dove Ornament

  • 1. Print and cut out patterns. Cut two doves from cotton and wing from woven fabric.
  • 2. Hand sew wing to one dove piece. Sew buttons to wing edges.
  • 3. For dangles, string glass beads and buttons onto leather cords, knotting between each bead.
  • 4. Use heavy-duty thread to sew dove pieces together with leather beaded dangle and hanger ends in between, leaving small opening for stuffing.
  • 5. Stuff dove and sew opening closed. Make French knot for dove's eye.