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Right Angle Weave Bracelet

By  Eve Leder 

size: 7"

  • Right Angle Weave Bracelet


  • Miyuki galvanized silver seed beads: 2mm, 3mm
  • Off-white seed beads, 11/0
  • Iridescent fire-polished beads, 4mm, 76
  • Beadalon WildFire Frost Beading Thread


  • Large-eye needle

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler
  • Note
  • 1. Galvanized silver 2mm seed beads are A, off-white seed beads are B, iridescent fire-polished beads are C, and galvanized silver 3mm seed beads are D throughout. Use right angle weave stitch to create base.
  • Bracelet
  • 1. For first square, string 12A on comfortable length of thread, leaving 12" tail. (Note: A tight circle of beads is created using square knot. Square knot is created by taking left over right and then right over left. Run needle through first six seed beads; this starts transformation of circle into square. Each side of square is made up of three beads.)
  • 2. For second square, pick up 9A. Pass needle through second grouping of three beads from first square and first six beads added for second square.
  • 3. For third square, pick up 9A. Pass needle through last three beads from second square and all nine beads added for third square.
  • 4. For fourth square, pick up 9A. Pass needle through last three beads from third square and first three beads from fourth square.
  • 5. (Note: The fifth square shares three beads with second square and fourth square. Pick up six beads to finish fifth square.) Pick up 6A; pass needle through three bottom beads from second square, three side beads from fourth square, and six seed beads just added. Pass needle through bottom three seed beads of first square.
  • 6. (Note: The sixth square is done in same way as fifth square. It shares three side beads with fifth square and three bottom beads with first square.) Pick up 6A. Pass needle through three side beads from fifth square, bottom three beads from first square, and six beads just added.
  • 7. Continue working in this manner until piece is 1" from desired length. (Note: Twenty-four rows were worked for this 7" bracelet.)
  • 8. Exit needle from last square; embellishment is added by working on diagonal. Pick up 1B, 1C, and 1B. Pass needle through bottom three seed beads of square. (Note: You will be working down the length of bracelet; continue until you have reached end. Then work center and other side.)
  • 9. Fill in two open spots between squares with 1A in each. Work thread to end. Pick up 2A, pass through second to last bead of row thread exited, and through second bead just strung. Continue by stringing 1A, passing through third to last bead, and bead just strung. Finish row. On side that will have loop, work two rows of square stitch. On side with clasp/focal bead, work three rows of square stitch.
  • 10. For clasp/focal bead, top is worked in same manner as bracelet. Create four-unit base worked in right angle weave stitch and embellish as in Steps 8 and 9. Fill in spaces on all four sides with 1A. (Note: The off-white beads are worked in the square stitch along all four sides with seven beads per side.) Fill in each corner with 1B; add 3B over corner bead. Thread should exit prior to corner bead; pick up 3B and skip corner bead and pass through next bead. Repeat for all four corners.
  • 11. For bottom, attach 4C directly below beads on top. Pass thread through all four beads to secure close together. Work 1B between fire polished beads working with tight tension to pull beads closer together. Exit out of off-white seed bead. Pick up 3A, 1D, 3A; pass needle through off-white bead opposite first bead exited. Work thread to next off-white seed bead; pick up 3A and pass needle through 3mm bead added in previous step. Pick up 3A and pass needle through opposite off-white seed bead. Continue to work thread through to reinforce.
  • 12. Add loop to end of bracelet with two rows of square stitch. Exit thread on fourth bead from end. Pick up 25A and pass thread into fourth bead from other end. Reinforce loop by working thread through several times. Attach focal component.
  • Tip
  • 1. The squares of the bracelet base can be made more uniform by passing the thread through the beads again. Working from the bottom, pass thread through the beads following the original bead path.