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Poinsettia-Inspired Chic Necklace

By  Niki Meiners 

size: 18"

  • Poinsettia-Inspired Chic Necklace
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  • Bronze wide hobnail bezel with hammered edge
  • Worldwin DoubleMates Creamy Cocoa Cardstock
  • Darice Bronze findings: Eye Pin, Clasp; Jump Rings, two
  • Darice Bronze Chain, 8” lengths, two
  • Swarovski AB Garnet Crystals, 4mm
  • Assorted beads: pink freshwater pearls, two; orange glass round; yellow glass teardrop
  • Phrase or verse (from recycled book)


  • Needle-nose pliers
  • The Crafter’s Workshop Flower Frenzy Mini Shape and Doodling Template (TWC157S)
  • Susan Lenart Kazmer Jeweler’s Grade Crystal Clear ICE Resin
  • Jacquard Lumiere 3-D Dimensional Metallic Paint & Adhesive: Burgundy, Poppy, Bright Gold, Bright Copper

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, paper trimmer, palette knife, disposable cups, wooden craft stick, newspaper (to cover work surface)
  • 1. For floral insert, position mini template on Creamy Cocoa cardstock. Apply random dollops of Burgundy, Poppy, Bright Gold, and Bright Copper on paper as desired. Use palette knife to spread paint evenly across stencil. Lift stencil straight up and set aside. Let dry completely; trim to fit inside bezel.
  • 2. Follow manufacturer's instructions to mix Ice Resin in plastic cup. (Note: There is a 45 minute working window once resin is mixed before it will harden.) See Photo 1.

    Photo 1
  • 3. Add small drops of Ice Resin inside bezel. Position stenciled paper inside bezel; press firmly to remove air bubbles. See Photo 2.

    Photo 2
  • 4. Randomly adhere crystals on flower centers. Adhere verse or phrase from recycled book. Pour remaining resin into bezel. Cover bezel with plastic or glass container to prevent dust from settling on surface. See Photo 3 and See Photo 4

    Photo 3

    Photo 4
  • 5. Once bezel has cured, string beads on eye pin; form loop at end using needle-nose pliers and attach to bezel. Position teardrop bead on end by opening loop on bezel, adding bead and then closing.
  • 6. Measure two 8" chain lengths. Open jump ring at top of bezel and attach chain lengths; close jump ring. Add jump ring to left side and attach clasp. Attach jump ring to other side of chain.
  • Tip
  • 1. To know how much resin to mix, pour water inside the bezel and then pour it into a measuring cup.