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Macramé Button Bracelet

By  Michelle Zimmerman  for  JHB International

size: 8" (open)

  • Macramé Button Bracelet
  • Closed View


  • JHB International Critter Corner Collection Buttons: Croc, Frog, Hippo, Lion, Monkey, Zebra
  • Jute or hemp twine, 2mm, 4 yds.

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, tape measure

Pattern - Worksheet

  • 1. Measure around wrist to determine bracelet length. Cut one piece of twine four feet long and one piece of twine eight feet long. (Note: Designer used yellow and orange twine.)
  • 2. Find midpoint of each piece of twine; fold in half at this point. Hold both pieces together and tie overhand knot just large enough for button to pass through (for clasp).
  • 3. Hold two shorter lengths of twine together. (Note: These are filler cords. You will knot larger lengths of twine around them. The larger lengths of twine are knotting cords.) Thread both filler cords through holes in two-hole button.
  • 4. Work bracelet making square knot with knotting cords around filler cords. See Worksheet. (Note: With six buttons, you will need approximately 1" of knots between each button.) Knot 1", thread button, and repeat until last of six buttons is threaded. Knot additional 1/2" length and finish with overhand knot. Trim excess cords.
  • 5. Close bracelet by attaching loop over last button.
  • Tip
  • 1. Experiment by using two different colors of twine for better ease when following the Worksheet. The bright colors add to a more fun design, too!