Beading / Jewelry

“Let it Snow” Necklace

By  Suzann Sladcik Wilson 

size: 18"

  • “Let it Snow” Necklace


  • Glittered vase filler rounds, 18 each: gold, silver; white iridescent, 10
  • Mini clear glass ornament
  • Metallic cardstock: gold, silver
  • Antique silver findings: crimp tubes, 2mm, two; toggle clasp
  • Fine beading wire, 20” length


  • Snowflake mini paper punch
  • Wire cutters
  • Crimping pliers

Basic Supplies

  • toothpick, tweezers
  • 1. Punch 50 snowflakes each from gold cardstock and silver cardstock using snowflake paper punch.
  • 2. Carefully remove metal top from glass ornament. Insert snowflakes into ornament using tweezers. Replace metal top. String ornament onto center of beading wire.
  • 3. Using toothpick, pierce hole through all vase filler rounds.
  • 4. On right side of necklace, string gold round, silver round, gold round, and white round. String silver round, gold round, silver round, and white round.
  • 5. Repeat Step 4 omitting one white round for last section, ending on silver round.
  • 6. Attach crimp tube and one half of clasp using crimping pliers.
  • 7. Repeat Steps 4-6 for left side of necklace.