Beading / Jewelry

Convertible Necklace & Bracelet

By  Jennifer and Kitty O'Neil 

size: varies

  • Convertible Necklace & Bracelet


  • Sterling silver chandelier findings, two
  • Silver bead stringing wire, .38mm, 19-strand
  • Freshwater pearls: small, 2mm, 70; medium, 4mm, 20; large, 5mm, 4
  • Silver shade faceted round crystals: small, 3mm, seven; medium, 4mm, eight; large, 6mm, 10
  • Silver shade crystal AB bicones, 7mm, 13
  • Silver-plated findings: jump rings, two; filigree box clasps, two; crimp beads, eight; crimp covers, eight; wire guardians, eight


  • Flush cutters
  • Chain-nose pliers
  • 1. Open one box clasp. Attach single loop side of one chandelier to tongue of clasp using jump ring. Attach remaining chandelier to box of clasp in same way.
  • 2. Cut 8" wire length. Slide crimp bead and then wire guardian onto end; slide guardian through bottom hole of three loops of chandelier, feed wire through crimp bead, and flatten with chain-nose pliers. Trim wire. Cover crimp bead with crimp cover, making sure seam faces back of necklace. String 5-1/2" of beads using smallest pearls broken up with one small crystal every 3/4" of an inch. Slide on crimp bead and wire guardian; attach to bottom of other chandelier. Slide end of wire back through crimp bead; flatten and cover with crimp cover.
  • 3. Make second strand in center of chandeliers featuring 5-1/2" length of large pearls broken up randomly with bicones and large crystals. Start, end, and attach string.
  • 4. Make third strand in top of chandeliers featuring 5-1/2" length of four medium pearls, one medium round crystal, one bicone, and another medium round crystal. Start, end, and attach strand to chandeliers in same way as Step 2.
  • 5. Open remaining box clasp. Attach one end of 13" wire length using crimp bead, guardian, and crimp cover to tongue end of clasp. String 10" length of large pearls, bicones, and large crystals in random pattern. Finish by attaching to box half of clasp with crimp bead, wire guardian, and crimp cover.
  • Tip
  • 1. To wear as a bracelet, just clasp the triple-strand segment to itself. To convert into a necklace, open both clasps. Attach the tongue of the single strand of pearls and beads into the box end of the bracelet.