Beading / Jewelry

Brass Nesting Necklace

By  Jenni Horne 

  • Brass Nesting Necklace


  • Hand antiqued brass wire (, 20-gauge
  • Satin Gold Bead Stringing Wire (Beadalon), .38mm
  • Solid brass hand antiqued peanut cable chain (, 2-1/2” length
  • Beads: Amazonite faceted quartz rondelles, 6mm, three; Amazonite faceted rondelles, 6mm, 11; brass spacers, four; white glass bicones, 8mm, two mini seed pearls, one strand; antique gold crimp, #1, two
  • Antique bronze items: pinch bail; lobster claw clasp, 13mm; jump ring, 7mm


  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • EZ Crimpers (Beadalon)
  • Necklace
  • 1. Cut 26" length from bead stringing wire.
  • 2. String 11 Amazonite faceted rondelles onto center of wire.
  • 3. String 2-1/2"-long cable chain tonto one end of rondelles, then other end to create a chandelier effect for nest charm.
  • 4. String spacer bead onto each side of wire.
  • 5. String white glass bicone bead onto each side of wire.
  • 6. String spacer bead onto each side of wire.
  • 7. String mini seed pearls onto each side of wire to desired necklace length.
  • 8. String crimp bead onto each side of wire.
  • 9. Attach jump ring onto left side.
  • 10. Pass wire end back through crimp bead; crimp.
  • 11. Place lobster claw on opposite wire end.
  • 12. Pass wire end back through crimp bead; crimp.
  • Nest Pendant
  • 1. Cut 24" length from 20-gauge wire.
  • 2. Use pliers to coil wire tightly for bottom of nest.
  • 3. Continue coiling wire using your thumb to hold nest in bowllike shape.
  • 4. Slide three Amazonite faceted quartz rondelles beads onto wire when next is half of desired size and nestle them into bowl shape.
  • 5. Continue wrapping remaining wire weaving it in and out.
  • 6. Cut a shorter wire length to continue wrapping from bottom up to secure nest's shape. Tuck wire end in and use pliers to coil inward.
  • 7. To attach pendant to necklace, place pinch bail around chain and insert prongs into top of nest. Use fingers to tightly pinch closed.