Beading / Jewelry

Beaded Spiders

for  Cousin Corp.

size: 3"-4"

  • Beaded Spiders


  • Cousin Corp. Silver Wire: 20-gauge, 24-gauge
  • Cousin Corp. Seed Beads: White, Purple, Lime Green, Black, Violet
  • Cousin Corp. Bugle Beads: AB, Copper
  • Cousin Corp. Beads: Black Glass Mix, Metal Scroll
  • Cousin Corp. Silver Findings: head pins, bar pins


  • Wire cutters
  • Round-nose pliers
  • Quick-drying craft glue
  • 1. Thread head pin with seed bead, bead cap, large black bead, bead cap, and scroll bead. Form a loop. (Note: Be sure to leave small gap between scroll bead and bead cap for wrapping wire.)
  • 2. Cut four 6" lengths of wire. Gather four wires together and find center. Position center over head pin between scroll bead and bead cap. Wrap wires around head pin. Separate each wire as individual spider leg and form desired shape.
  • 3. Thread bead pattern onto each leg. Finish wire end off with either loop (for thicker gauge wire) or trim and fold wire under leg (for thinner gauge wire).
  • 4. For pin, follow Step 1. Adhere bar pin onto one side of beaded head pin. (Note: Be sure to leave gap between scroll bead and bead cap before securing with glue.) Follow Steps 2 and 3 to finish. (Note: Be sure to open pin back and wrap wires around pin/head pin combo.)
  • Tip
  • 1. Attach clear thread or fishing line to each spider and hang a collection as a great decorative accent to a chandelier.