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Vintage Double-sided Holly Bird Ornament

By  Mary Lynn Maloney  for  Nunn Design

  • Vintage Double-sided Holly Bird Ornament


  • Patera items*: Antique Silver Raised Pendant Oval Horizontal; Winter Holiday Collage Sheet; Large Oval Punch; Diamond Glaze; Antique Gold Small Textured Cable Chain, 1-1/2” length; Antique Silver Large Textured Cable Chain, 1”; Antique Gold Laurel Connector Bar; Gold Funky Snowflake Charm; Silver Small Ornate Snowflake Charm
  • Red small glass beads
  • Ultra-fine crystal glitter
  • Red twill tape, 12” length
  • *Products by Nunn Design


  • Jewelry pliers
  • Small paintbrush
  • Straight pin
  • 1. Cut oval holly bird image from collage sheet. Brush back of image with Diamond Glaze. Press image firmly into raised oval pendant. Brush top of image with thin even coat of Diamond Glaze. Use straight pin to pop any bubbles that appear. Let dry.
  • 2. Pour a thin layer of Diamond Glaze into opposite, recessed side of oval pendant. Sprinkle glitter into wet glaze. Push snowflake charms into glittered glaze. Adhere small red bead to center of each snowflake with a dab of glaze. Let dry.
  • 3. Use jewelry pliers to attach two links from large silver chain to each end of laurel connector bar. Separate small gold chain into two equal pieces. Open a large silver link and attach one piece of gold chain to it. Repeat with remaining piece of gold chain. Attach end links of gold chain to side loops of oval pendant.
  • 4. Fold red twill ribbon in half. Attach to center of laurel connector with a lark's knot. Tie ribbon end together and trim ends neatly to a point.