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Topaz Treat Jewelry

By  Katie Hacker  for  Beadalon

  • Topaz Treat Jewelry
  • Closeup View


  • Silver Katiedids Creative Components Double-circle Pendant*
  • CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski Elements (Swarovski): Crystal Golden Shadow (#5000), 4mm, 14; Smoked Topaz (#5000), 4mm, 22; Crystal Copper (#5000)
  • Silver Beadalon 19 Beading Wire*, 0.015 diameter
  • Silver Medium Ball Head Pin*
  • Silver Pear Removable Enhancer Bail*
  • Dark Brown Polyester Chain*
  • Silver Toggle Clasp*
  • Silver Jump Rings, 6mm, two


  • Round-nose Pliers*
  • Chain-nose Pliers*
  • Wire Cutters*
  • *Products by Beadalon
  • 1. Pass a head pin through a crystal copper 8mm bead. Hold the bead inside the pendant opening and pass the head pin outward through the drilled holes on the pendant. Make a wrapped loop to attach the head pin to the enhancer bail.
  • 2. Cut a 4" piece of beading wire and pass one end under the head pin on the inner circle of the pendant. String the crystal golden shadow beads onto the wire, then pass the wire end under the head pin and through the first few beads to form a beaded ring. Press the beads down into the channels, then trim off any extra wire.
  • 3. Cut a 6" piece of beading wire and use the same technique from Step 2 to add smoked topaz beads to the outer channel on the pendant.
  • 4. Connect the bail to the center of the polyester chain and use two jump rings to attach each half of the clasp to the necklace ends.
  • Variation
  • 1. Use Artistic Wire and medium curb chain to add an eye-catching tassel to your pendant!
  • 2. Silver Artistic Wire*, 22-gauge; CRYSTALLIZED Swarovski Elements (Swarovski): Crystal Golden Shadow (#5000), 4mm, three; Crystal Copper (#5000), 6mm, six; Smoked Topaz (#5000), 8mm, three; Silver rondelles, 6mm, three; Silver Medium Ball Head Pins*, three; Silver Curb Chain*. *Products by Beadalon.