Beading / Jewelry

Steampunk Compass Pendant

By  Syndee Holt  for  Polyform Products

  • Steampunk Compass Pendant


  • Premo! Sculpey or Sculpey III Black Clay*
  • Tim Holtz Idea-ology (Advantus): Salvage Stickers; Sprocket Gears
  • Lacy Brads (Making Memories)
  • Assorted metal eyelets (Recollections)
  • Lost & Found Necklace Cords (Blue Moon Beads)


  • Sculpey Clay Conditioning Machine*
  • Clay Extruder*
  • Super Slicer Blade*
  • Small metal cutters
  • Crafter’s Pick The Ultimate Glue (API)
  • Optional: Circle metal cutters
  • *Products by Polyform Products
  • 1. Use conditioning machine to condition half block of clay on widest setting several times until sheet of clay and edges of clay sheet are smooth.
  • 2. Adhere sticker to sheet of clay. Use circle cutter that is slightly larger than sticker to cut out sticker. (Note: If you don't have cutters, use super slicer blade to cut out sticker, leaving a selvage edge.
  • 3. Load remaining clay into extruder and extrude approximately 8" of clay using large circle dye.
  • 4. Wrap extruded clay around sticker, overlapping clay slightly. Cut through overlap at a diagonal for a perfectly matched wrap. Blend edges together with finger. (Note: Seam will be covered with Lacy Brad, so it doesn't have to be perfect.)
  • 5. Cut 2/3 of brad from back of Lacy Brad and press into extruded clay to cover seam. Press two eyelets around brad.
  • 6. Cut 1/2"-wide, 2"-long strip of clay. Roll one end of strip up to create "Bail" or loop to hang pendant. Use pencil to gently press inside of rolled clay to secure it. Press remaining portion onto top back of pendant. (Note: This loop is a great place to sign your work.)
  • 7. Add several more eyelets to bail and to extruded clay wrap and sprocket to 2 o'clock position. (Note: Remove sprocket before baking.)
  • 8. Follow manufacturer's instructions to bake pendant. Glue sprocket to pendant.