Beading / Jewelry

Spring Flowers Jewelry Set

By  Sandy Laipply 

size: varies

  • Pink Necklace
  • Orange Necklace


  • Scrapbook paper, in print of choice
  • Amate Studios Base Elements Jewelry Blanks in Silver Overlay: Ring, Earrings, Pendant Tray, Rectangle Insert
  • Beads: purple trishell chip; 76 3mm iridescent tubes; six 8mm pink nuggets; eight 8mm jade round; two pink transparent seed beads; 16 jade seed beads
  • Beadalon 19-strand Beading Stringing Wire, 36" length
  • Darice Silver Chain, 18" length
  • Silver beads and findings: barrel clasp, two crimp beads, two crimp bead covers, seven head pins, seven 4mm jump rings, two French earring wires; lobster clasp
  • Flat-backed rhinestone jewel, one 10mm


  • ETI Inc. Lite: Pour-on High Gloss Finish; Ultra-Seal Sealer
  • Clear acetate
  • Plastic container and rice
  • Wire cutters
  • Chain-nose pliers
  • Crimping tool
  • Beacon Adhesives Glass, Metal & More Glue

Basic Supplies

  • ruler or measuring tape, scissors, paintbrush, pencil, mixing stick and disposable mixing bowl, straight pin
  • 1. Select scrapbook in print of choice. On acetate, draw around jewelry elements. Cut out shapes just inside lines. Test acetate shapes in elements. If necessary, trim shapes until acetate fits inside jewelry elements. Remove acetate (template) from jewelry element.
  • 2. Trace template on right side of scrapbook paper. Cut inside tracing lines. Trim if needed.
  • 3. Brush thin coat of sealer inside jewelry component. Insert paper. Use end of paintbrush to smooth paper. Apply sealer on paper, covering all surfaces evenly. Let dry. Apply second coat of sealer over paper. Let dry.
  • 4. Repeat steps 1 thru 3 for all jewelry components.
  • 5. Pour rice into container. Insert jewelry components into rice, allowing rice to hold everything level. Mix Pour-on Finish according to manufacturer's instructions. Pour finish on jewelry components. Use straight pin to pop bubbles. Let set for 24 hours.
  • 6. For pink necklace, cut 36" length of beading wire. String crimp bead and one half of clasp. Bring wire end through crimp bead, leaving 2" on end. Use crimping tool to crimp bead. String two tube beads and one purple bead. Repeat beading and crimping pattern nine times. Thread two tube beads and add pendant. Repeat beading pattern starting with two tube beads. Add second crimp bead and remaining half of jewelry clasp. Bring wire end through crimp bead and tighten until snug. Use crimping tool to crimp the crimp bead. Attach crimp bead covers on each crimp bead. Insert extra wire inside the tube beads. Glue rhinestone jewel on center of pendant.
  • 7. For pink earrings, use jump rings to attach jewelry components on each earring wire.
  • 8. For green/pink flower necklace, on two head pins (dangles), string: one jade seed bead, one 8mm jade bead, one jade seed bead, one pink nugget bead, one jade seed bead. Finish wish loop. Repeat beading pattern for other dangle. Use jump rings to attach lobster clasp on one end of silver chain length. Find center of chain; use jump ring to attach necklace pendant on center. Attach each dangle, 1" from center pendant, on chain length.
  • 9. For green/pink flower earrings, on each head pin, string: one jade seed bead, one 8mm jade bead, one jade seed bead, one pink 8mm bead, one jade seed bead. Finish with loop. Repeat for remaining earring. Attach head pins on earring wires with jump ring.