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Spiraled Leather Necklace

By  Myléne Hillam 

size: 26-3/4"

  • Spiraled Leather Necklace
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  • Silver Creek Leather Sof-Suede Lace: Orange Peel (2050), Gothic Black (2031), Pewter (2048)
  • Beads: black crystal Kashmiri, 19x20mm; silver rhinestone disco ball, 11x14mm, four; black and silver Czech pressed glass peacock pentagon, 21x20mm, two; topaz bicone crystals, 4mm, eight; silver spacers, 3mm, six
  • Round textured silver antique finish rings, 34mm, two
  • Silver oval link textured chain, 11x8mm
  • Silver 7-strand beading wire
  • Silver findings: eye pins, six; wire guardians, two; crimps, size #2, two, size #3, four; split rings, 4mm, six; jump rings, 4mm, two; hitch and ball clasp


  • Multi-hole jewelry punch
  • Pliers: flat-nose, round-nose, split-ring
  • Crimping tool
  • Wire cutters

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler, marker
  • 1. Cut three 1-1/4" segments of each leather lace. Mark center of laces 1/8" from each end. Set punch to smallest setting; carefully punch hole at mark. See Photo 1. Thread one end of one black segment, one orange segment, and one pewter segment onto eye pin. Continue until all segments are on eye pin. See Photo 2. Sliding laces toward eye pin point, pass loose end of first black lace behind all other segments and onto eye pin. See Photo 3. Pass loose end of first orange lace behind all other segments but in front of attached black lace and onto eye pin. Repeat with remaining laces until all are threaded on. See Photo 4. Close eye pin turning simple loop. Repeat to make four spiral components.

    Photo 1

    Photo 2

    Photo 3

    Photo 4
  • 2. Cut 6" beading wire length; thread on #2 crimp tube and wire guardian. Thread wire back through crimp tube; crimp to secure. Thread on spacer, disco ball, Kashmiri bead, disco ball, and spacer. Thread on #2 crimp tube and wire guardian. Thread wire back through crimp tube and two previous beads; slide crimp tube and wire guardian down to spacer with slight slack in wire. Crimp tube to secure; trim away excess wire.
  • 3. Cut two 6" beading wire lengths. Line up ends; thread on #3 crimp tube. Pass wires back through tube to form loop, making sure wires do not cross. See Photo 5. Crimp tube securely. Separate wires; insert silver ring on center. Position one wire across front and one across back of ring. See Photo 6. Thread both wires through bicone; slide it along wires next to ring. Thread on disco ball and bicone. Separate wires and cross ring as before. See Photo 7. Thread on spacer, sliding up to ring until firmly in place. Add crimp tube, form wires into loop, and pass both back through tube. Crimp tube to secure; trim away excess wire. Repeat to make two ring components.

    Photo 5

    Photo 6

    Photo 7
  • 4. Slide bicone, peacock glass, and bicone on eye pin; turn loop to close. Repeat to make two glass components.
  • 5. Connect ring component to spiral using split ring. Connect glass component below spiral; connect another spiral to strand. Repeat for second strand.
  • 6. Connect spiral end of each strand to one side of Kashmiri center component with split rings using split-ring pliers.
  • 7. Cut two 5" chain lengths. Connect chain to each end of necklace with split rings. Connect clasp halves to chain ends using jump rings.