Beading / Jewelry

Songbird Necklace

By  Kristal Wick & Linda Hartings  for  Swarovski Elements

size: 16" length

  • Songbird Necklace


  • Swarovski Elements: 36” length Smoked Topaz gold Cupchain; three 10x5mm Smoked Topaz gold navette channel links; two Jet Ring Beads; Bicone Beads: eight Crystal Copper, eight Crystal Golden Shadow, eight Amethyst, eight Tanzanite, eight Jet Nut, seven Smoked Topaz, seven Provence Lavender
  • Kristal Wick Batik fabric beads: five small 1/2” purple (61022), four medium 1” maize (61011)
  • Beadalon gold findings: one lobster clasp, five 6mm jump rings, one 2” gold headpin, one 2-1/2” fine collapsible eye needle;
  • Muslin fabric, 2” square
  • Nunn Design: Antique Copper Patera Raised Vertical Rectangle Pendant; Carta Transfer: Songbird Collage Bird
  • Tierra Cast: 22 6mm small gold coiled rings, five 8mm copper grooved beads, 10 8mm copper beaded caps
  • Alacarte Clasps: three 4mm gold bell end caps, one gold petite crystal hinged bail (with Swarovski Elements Smozed Topaz)
  • WireLace Cocoa wire, 1mm: 48” length


  • Chain-nose pliers
  • Round-nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Beadalon double-stick adhesive squares, two
  • WireLace tassel template
  • Beading needle
  • Two-part epoxy glue

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler, iron, cloth, toothpick, scrap paper, tacky putty, wooden skewer, tweezers
  • 1. To create pendant, cut out songbird transfer leaving 1/8" border. Place transfer in shallow dish of water for one minute; remove and carefully slide transfer off of paper. Position transfer on muslin fabric and cover with cloth. Iron transfer on med-high setting. Let cool. Cut double-stick adhesive same size as opening on bezel pendant. Peel paper from backing and press on bezel center. Remove backing from adhesive and press songbird transfer on bezel center.
  • 2. Count and use wire cutters to cut two 11-link lengths and two 14-link lengths of cupchain. On scrap paper, mix two-part epoxy using toothpick. Use toothpick to apply epoxy on longer side edges of pendant; press 14-link cupchain along each edge. Repeat process to apply 11-link cupchain along top edges of pendant. Adjust lengths as needed.
  • 3. Apply small amount tacky putty onto sharpened-point of wooden skewer. Use wire cutters to cut two 17-link and five 11-link cupchain lengths. Insert skewer point into jet ring bead. Mix two-part epoxy on scrap paper. Use toothpick to apply epoxy on edges of bead; wrap 17-link cupchain around edges. Let set. Use tweezers to adjust cupchain if needed. Remove bead from skewer. Repeat for remaining jet ring bead and for five 8mm copper grooved beads using 11-link cupchains. Set aside.
  • 4. To create tassel, use WireLace tassel template. Thread 48" Cocoa wire on needle. String 52 bicone beads on wire in random fashion. Tuck 3" end of wire into top slit on template; begin wrapping beaded wire length around template, beginning on Step 8 and finishing on Step 5, wrapping two times around each step with bicones along each wrap as follows: eight on Step 8, seven on Step 7, six on Step 6, five on Step 5. Slide bicones down wire after each wrap. Untuck starter strand and squeeze strands together at top of template; knot ends together. Insert wire end through back of all strands and knot together; slide tassel off of template and adjust bicones on ends.
  • 5. Position tassel flat on work surface. On end of tassel, string: small coiled ring, grooved bead, small coiled ring, purple batik bead, small coiled ring, beaded cap. Trim ends above knot. Mix two-part epoxy on scrap paper and use toothpick to apply into end of gold bell end cap. Firmly insert tassel end into bell end cap. Attach tassel onto bottom ring of songbird pendant. Attach crystal bail onto top of pendant. Insert remaining 23" cupchain length through hinged end on bail.
  • 6. Position pendant on center of cupchain length. Beginning at center of cupchain, string onto one side: copper beaded cap, gold coiled ring, purple batik bead, gold coiled ring, cupchain-covered copper grooved bead, gold coiled ring, maize batik bead, gold coiled ring, copper grooved bead, cupchain-covered jet ring bead, copper grooved bead, gold coiled ring, maize batik bead, gold coiled ring, cupchain-covered copper groove bead, gold coiled ring, purple batik bead, gold coiled ring, copper grooved bead, gold coiled ring. (Note: Pay attention to direction of beaded caps as flat edge should touch cupchain-covered beads.) Repeat pattern for other side of pendant. (Note: Hinged clasp on pendant allows you to remove and adjust on beaded cupchain length.)
  • 7. Mix two-part epoxy on scrap paper. Fill gold bell end cap with epoxy; insert cupchain into cap. Slide ending gold coiled ring onto end of cap; apply epoxy. Let dry. Repeat for other end of necklace.
  • 8. Attach jump ring onto each end cap. For extender chain, attach to one end cap: navette channel link, jump ring, navette channel link, jump ring, navette channel link, jump ring. On other end cap, attach jump ring and lobster clasp. On headpin, thread beads as follows: bicone, gold coiled ring, copper grooved bead, bicone. Use round-nose pliers to make loop on headpin; trim excess wire. Attach beaded headpin onto end of extender chain.