Beading / Jewelry

Silver Leaves Necklace

By  Terry Ricioli 

size: 18"

  • Silver Leaves Necklace


  • Recycled brown paper bag
  • Silver findings: nine 2” eye pins, 12 5mm oval jump rings, two crimp beads, leaf-shaped clasp
  • Silver chain, 6” length
  • Bead stringing wire, 24” length
  • Beads: 12 8mm lavender faceted crystals, 96 3mm silver round spacers


  • Round-nose pliers, two pairs of chain-nose pliers, wire cutters, crimping pliers
  • Silver wax finish, paint or powdered pigment
  • Tacky glue

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler, pencil, paintbrush, cardboard scrap, emery board

Pattern - Silver Leaves Necklace

  • 1. Print out pattern. Copy leaf pattern onto cardboard scrap and cut out.
  • 2. Cut three 3"x8" rectangles from paper bag. (Use areas that don't have creases or layers.) Position one rectangle print side up and apply glue. Use cardboard scrap to spread glue over paper. Layer another rectangle on top and repeat. Layer third rectangle print-side down on glue. Trace and cut nine leaf shapes from layered paper.
  • 3. Cut 3"x8" rectangle from paper bag with no print on either side. Trace and cut nine leaves from rectangle.
  • 4. For stems and veins on leaves, hold an eye pin flat on work surface. Use round-nose pliers to create bends in pin, leaving 1/2" on loop end straight. Repeat for remaining eye pins.
  • 5. Apply glue on layered-leaf shape and lay eye pin in center. Position one leaf on top of glue. Smooth down, sealing pin in place. Wipe away excess glue with damp paper towel. Repeat for all leaves, facing four in one direction and five in other.
  • 6. Carefully bend leaves to create wavy leaves. Let dry; trim uneven edges. For uneven edges near eye pin, carefully sand with emery board.
  • 7. Apply silver wax finish on all surfaces of leaves, brushing raised areas with more color. Buff leaves to remove excess.
  • 8. Cut chain into two six-link lengths and one nine-link length. Open and close all jump rings by twisting with two pairs of chain-nose pliers. Attach jump rings onto two opposite-facing leaves. On six-link chain, attach jump ring on top of chain, opposite-facing leaves on third link, and bottom link of the chain with jump rings. Make second two-leaf dangle in same way. On nine-link chain, attach jump ring on top of chain, a left-facing leaf on first link of chain, right-facing leaf on sixth link, and left-facing leaf on bottom link.
  • 9. String crimp bead, spacer and half of clasp on one end of beading wire. Pass end of wire back through spacer and crimp bead. Use crimping pliers to crimp crimp bead. Trim wire. String on 39 spacers. String one bead and one spacer four times. String on one single leaf dangle. String one silver spacer, one faceted bead, one spacer, jump ring on short dangle, one spacer, one bead, one spacer and jump ring on long dangle. (Note: The long dangle is center of necklace.) Reverse pattern to finish other side of necklace.