Beading / Jewelry

Seastone Jewelry Set

By  Keri Lee Sereika 

size: bracelet, 8" long; earrings, 1" long

  • Seastone Jewelry Set


  • Bead stringing wire, 11" length.
  • Jewelry Designer® Ancient Findings (Darice): brass headpins, 2"; fishhook earwires, 1".
  • Regal Beading Guild (Halcraft): Amber Round Shell, 20mm; Light Aventurine Stone Bead Chips; Natural Shell Chips, 7mm; Natural Shell Beads.
  • Cream Silk Ribbon (Creative Impressions).


  • Crimp beads, two.
  • Tools: Jeweler's snips; round-nose jeweler's pliers.
  • Bracelet
  • 1. String shell chip and crimp bead onto wire. Bring beads to end of wire and bend wire around bead and back through center of crimp bead; crimp. String 20mm loop onto wire going through just one edge of bead, leaving end of wire with shell chip in center of loop.
  • 2. String approximately 1" of sea-colored beads, one natural shell bead, approximately 3/4" of sea colored beads, natural shell bead, first side of 20mm loop, then place three beads (sea colored bead, shell chip and sea colored bead) in center of loop before continuing through second side of loop.
  • 3. Reverse pattern and string onto second half of wire. Finish by going through first half only of 20mm loop.
  • 4. String crimp bead and shell chip bead onto wire. Bend wire around bead and back through center of crimp bead; crimp. Tie ribbon length through one loop and around second to act as closure on bracelet.
  • Earrings
  • 1. Slide first half of a 20mm loop bead onto brass headpin, followed by two sea colored beads. Slide second half of loop onto head pin, followed by sea colored bead, shell chip and another sea colored bead.
  • 2. Form a loop at top of headpin using round-nose pliers. Repeat for remaining earring.
  • 3. Use pliers to open loop on fish hook ear wire, place loop of headpin into open loop of ear wire. Close loop. Repeat for remaining earring.