Beading / Jewelry

Romantic Bracelet

By  Heidi Boyd 

size: 7-1/4" long

  • Romantic Bracelet


  • Beadalon Stringing Wire (Beadalon), 0.015, 6-1/2" lengths, three
  • Leather cording, 9" length
  • Lobster clasp
  • Crimp beads, six
  • Silver bead cap
  • Silver round bead, 4mm
  • Silver bird charm
  • Beads: freshwater pearls: 10mmx20mm, one; 7mm, 28; turquoise disc, 14mm; red "e", 48; blue stone, 6mm, 30


  • Chain-nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Clear tape
  • Note
  • 1. Adjust bracelet length as needed to fit wrist. Increase length of beaded sections or leather loops to make a longer bracelet, if needed.
  • Bracelet
  • 1. Fold a piece of tape around one end of each stringing wire length. String the following sequence on the first wire: 4-3/4" of blue stone beads, bead cap, large pearl and bird charm, red 'e' bead. Tape opposite wire end and set aside.
  • 2. String the following sequence on the second wire: 5-1/4" of red 'e' beads, round silver bead, turquoise bead. Tape opposite wire end and set aside.
  • 3. String the third strand with 5-3/4" of pearls. Tape opposite end and set aside.
  • 4. Thread one end of leather cording through lobster clasp, pulling 1" of cording through clasp. Bring both leather ends up around base of clasp to form an overhand knot. Before pulling knot tight, crimp all three wire ends around one of the leather cords. To do this, work with one wire at a time: remove tape, string on a crimp bead, wrap wire around cord, and string wire back through crimp. Use pliers to squeeze crimp flat, and trim wire. Repeat for remaining two wires.
  • 5. Make an overhand knot in leather cording, 1-3/4" from clasp and make two more single knots spacing them 1-3/4" apart.
  • 6. String heart charm onto leather cord. Fold over 2-1/2" end of cord and make a final overhand knot to create a 1" loop.
  • 7. Tie very end of leather cord back around itself 1/4" from last knot. This knot will secure charm in place and serve as the connection for the beaded wires. Before pulling knot tight, crimp other end of all three beaded strands around leather cording. Repeat crimping process from Step Four.