Beading / Jewelry

Patina Copper Wire Set

By  Keri Lee Sereika 

This combination of natural stone and black glass lend a real sense of refinement and class to this beautiful jewelry set.

  • Patina Copper Wire Set
  • Necklace
  • Earrings


  • Beadalon Bare Copper Artistic Wire, 20-gauge
  • Nunn Design: Antique Copper Large Textured Cable Chain, 18” length; Antique Copper Large Jump Rings, two
  • Copper ear wires, two
  • Natural stone pendant, 3/4”x1-1/2”
  • Black glass tube beads, 1/2”, four
  • Black cut glass beads, 6mm, two
  • African turquoise chip beads, four


  • Beadalon: wire snips, chain-nose pliers, round-nose pliers
  • Liver of Sulfur, five-ten drops

Basic Supplies

  • ruler, protective eye gear
  • Sizes
  • 1. Sizes are: necklace, 22"; earrings, 2"
  • Necklace
  • 1. Cut six 3" lengths and one 8" length of copper wire. Follow manufacturer's instructions to patina copper pieces using liver of sulfur. Leave copper in liver of sulfur long enough to match copper chain.
  • 2. Once all wire lengths have been aged and dried off, thread 8" length through pendant. Use round-nose pliers to create loop, wrap five times toward pendant. Repeat on other side of pendant. Use wire snips to cut off excess wire.
  • 3. Thread 6" wire length through black tube bead. Use round-nose pliers to create loop. Thread wire end through loop on one side of pendant. Wrap end of wire three times toward black tube bead. Use round-nose pliers to create loop on other end. Wrap wire three times; snip excess wire.
  • 4. Repeat Step 3 on other side of pendant.
  • 5. Fold length of chain in half. Use chain-nose pliers to open large jump ring. Thread large jump ring through loop on end of black bead and through two loops at end of chain. Close jump ring. Repeat for other end to finish necklace.

  • Earrings
  • 1. Use round-nose pliers to spiral 3" length on one end of 6" wire length. Stretch wire leaving three tight spirals at end. Thread one turquoise chip, one black bead, one turquoise chip onto stretched spiral section of wire. Bend and stretch as needed to hold beads in place on wire. Use round-nose pliers to create loop at end of wire and wrap wire two times toward beads.
  • 2. Use chain-nose pliers to open loop on end of ear wire. Thread through loop on beaded wire, close loop on ear wire.
  • 3. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 to create other earring.

  • Tip
  • 1. Don't have access to liver of sulfur? Create set using bare wire and the wire will naturally age over time.